What Muscles Are Part Of The Body’s Core?

Before we list all the muscles that are a part of the body’s core, let us first define what the core means....

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Before we list all the muscles that are a part of the body’s core, let us first define what the core means. The core is the main area which is responsible for stabilizing the whole body. The muscles that are involved with the core are usually the muscles that are directly connected to the spine. Experts say that the core muscles are very important especially when you are trying to achieve a fit body. Strengthening and toning your core muscles will help you to be able to do fitness routines well. Below is a list of muscles that are included in the core.

Rectus Abdominus – This is probably the most common among the core muscles of the body. If you are trying to get a 6-pack, this is the muscle that you should focus on. That’s right! Your rectus abdominus is also known as the abs. The abs is important because they are the muscles that support your spine when you are bending – particularly when bending forward and on your sides. These muscles are also very important for deep breathing because they help you exhale most of the air that you have breathed.


Obliques – These muscles can be further subdivided into three sets – internal, transverse and external. You will find them on your lower back area along the area of your ribs. These muscles are important because they help the spine to flex. They support the spine in order to prevent spine injuries and back problems. Just like the rectus abdominus, this set of muscles is also important for deep breathing particular for exhalation.

Erector Spinae – From the name itself, you can easily determine that these muscles are closely related to your spine. Erector spinae is the term used to collectively refer to the eight muscles that you can find on both sides of your spinal cord. They are the ones responsible for keeping the spine on a proper posture – the upright position. It is very important that you maintain the health of these muscles else you are going to experience severe back problems.

Transverse Abdominus – This muscle is also referred to by some people as TVA. This muscle is very important for supporting your spine. This is because as this muscle contracts, your abdominal area will feel pressure and that pressure will be the one that will help you keep the spine in its proper position and form. It is very important that you strengthen this muscle in order to avoid problems.

Quadratus Lumborum – This muscle can be found right below your rib cage. This is the muscle that is very essential in supporting your lower back and lower vertebrae. This set of muscles work with the erector spinae in order to effectively keep the spine in shape when flexing. Keeping this set of muscles healthy will lessen the risk of having scoliosis.

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