Why should you be using Running Gear

  It is a natural phenomenon for all humans to flex their muscles, be it just moving their limbs involuntarily to doing...

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It is a natural phenomenon for all humans to flex their muscles, be it just moving their limbs involuntarily to doing rigorous exercises. The sportsmen in ancient days used to consider performing bare would enable their full potential to be utilized while participating. Then came a period when they felt the need to protect themselves from injuries and shame, so came Footwear, Shorts, and T-shirts. At that time, the sportswear was robust, basically made of cotton.

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Slowly as the days progressed, the texture of the sportswear kept on changing gradually. The T-shirts gave way to the Sandos in Track & Field events, where moving fast against the wind is necessary. In these events, the Shorts gave way to the Tights. The footwear was made more comfortable by making the sole thicker and harder and putting padding all around. Cotton clothes, which were previously preferred, made way for synthetic fabrics. Apart from the Sandos, Tights & Footwear, several other sportswear has come up and made their presence felt. These are Sunglasses, Wrist Bands, Body Glide, Running Watch, Headband, Running Cap, Footwear Insoles and Running Pants.

Now let us dig deep into the reasons why so much of advancement has taken place in the Running Gears or Sportswear of the Athletes:

  1. Synthetic Sando and Tight – Sando, and Tight are used to minimizing the air friction and maximize the speed of the athletes whereas they are made up of synthetic fibres like spandex and polyester because they are better at wicking away the sweat.
  2. Sunglasses – Sunglasses are used in Marathon to protect the eyes from sunrays because Marathon is a long-time sport and care must be taken to prevent anything which may divert the attention.
  3. Wrist Bands – The wrist bands consist of about three-fourths of cotton fibres to one-fourth of synthetic to assist in the wicking of the sweat.
  4. Body Glide – Body Glide is used by the runners to protect their body from blisters and chafing, which may occur due to friction in some body parts.
  5. Running Watch – These watches are worn by those runners who want to track their heart rates along with how fast they are running to know nearly what time they will take to complete the races.
  6. Headband – The headband keeps the hairs firmly in place, and also prevents the sweat from trickling down the hairs on to the face.
  7. Running Cap – This cap helps in protecting the head from the Sun if the race is conducted in hot and sunny areas.
  8. Insoles in Footwear – These insoles give comfort to the sore feet, support the arches of the feet and relieve pain at the heels and the arches.
  9. Right Pants – These are full pants preferred by some of the runners which keep them hot or cold as needed and contain zipped pockets to carry phone or music player.

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