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Types of Plastic Surgery and What it Can Achieve

What is Plastic Surgery You might have come across the term plastic surgery before but have you ever wondered what it is,...

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What is Plastic Surgery

You might have come across the term plastic surgery before but have you ever wondered what it is, and the benefits? Well, plastic surgery is a very special surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction, restoration or alteration the human body. It can be performed on a specific body part or the whole body. Plastic surgery can be divided into different categories and the most common is reconstructive surgery which involves hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, treatment of burns and microsurgery.

The Different Types of Plastic Surgery

If you consider changing your appearance with an aim of reaching your body goals then probably cosmetic plastic surgery is the best option for you. It helps improve the appearance of skin, add or remove hair, adjust facial features and many more. It can also be done for medical purposes, for example, it can be used for people who had bad accidents maybe to restore the function of their body parts. There are so many procedures but here are some of the most common types:

Breast Augmentation

These are procedures that increase the size of a breast or even change its shape. If the breast size is increased, this is referred to as a breast implant surgery. It is not the same as breast reduction or breast lifts since these are different procedures. You can check this out at any Poland cosmetic surgery clinic.


This procedure uses a special tool that gently ‘squeezes’ down the skin’s top layer. Once this has been done, the area heals and then the old skin is replaced by new skin. This leads to a smoother-looking skin. It can be used for acne scars, crow’s feet, age spots, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, or growths and lesions on the skin.


Facelift is a procedure that is performed with the aim of repairing saggy, drooping, wrinkled or loose skin on the face. Facial tissues get lifted, the excess skin is removed then the skin is replaced. In most cases, neck-lifts are done together with facelifts.

Hair Transplantation

It is also known as hair restoration and it is normally performed so as to improve the appearance of a person’s baldness. Hair gets removed from an area that has thick growth and then it transferred to the bald area. You might require more than one session to fully cover the whole area.


This s plastic surgery that reshapes or repairs the nose and some people often do this for cosmetic purposes while others might do it for a medical reason. It can be used to perform different functions such as increase or reduce the size of a nose, correct some birth defects, change the shape of the nose or improve any breathing difficulties.


A procedure that improves the shape of the body and it works by removing body fats. It can also be used to remove lipomas and even reduce the size of men’s breasts. This is one of the most performed plastic surgery abroad.

If you want to have any plastic surgery performed, you can try and consult any plastic surgery abroad professional and get your desired look, which will be cheaper than in England.