Tips to select the best pole dancing class for beginners to enjoy increased fitness level

Perhaps, you may have across numerous articles stating how pole dancing can help you to enjoy greater fitness level. In such a...

Written by Clare Louise · 1 min read >

Perhaps, you may have across numerous articles stating how pole dancing can help you to enjoy greater fitness level. In such a case, you may have planned to join pole dance classes. But being a beginner, it can be a real challenge to choose the best dancing class, since each claim to offer quality dancing lessons. Many dance studios might offer an assurance which could sound tempting and shiny. Following this guide can help you to know as to what needs to be considered to choose a good one that is safe, comfortable and offers top quality dancing lessons.

Some tips to follow

  • Quality and knowledge of the instructor: The dancing studio where you will learn pole dancing should boast of having good, reliable and highly experienced instructor who should have years of knowledge of training students to become the perfect dancer. There are several moves that can be learnt which might not involve the pole. The instructor should explain the moves very clearly and by showing it in person. Well trained and qualified instructors can help people to get into challenging and fitness aspect of pole dance and help you to take learning to the next level. The instructor does need to have certain certifications in the domain of pole dance to teach in the institution. This is vital information you need to find out before getting into the institution. In case, the instructors are young and he/she himself takes part in pole dance competition, then it is definitely a wonderful sign of you being in good hands. The reason is because, such instructors are likely to passionate about the subject and also stay updated on the different dance moves and safety features. Also the instructor should appear in great shape.
  • Class size: For each pole, the classes need to comprise of just 1 to 2 students and not more. The reason is because, more students will mean crowd and you will not be able to get more 1 to 1 session with your instructor. This will also mean, you will end up learning very less or not meeting your set fitness level. If you can afford, you can take up private pole classes, where you will be taught alone.
  • Safety: The classes are to emphasize upon safety and you need to first learn the basic things to stay safe throughout the session and to wipe the pole to avoid slipping.

A good pole instructor and class will teach you to dance well and to stay fit all the time.