Tips for buying an Electric wheelchair

When you are considering buying a wheelchair, there are various factors which you require to take into account. These factors are connected...

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When you are considering buying a wheelchair, there are various factors which you require to take into account. These factors are connected with respect to one’s personal circumstances, different categories of powered wheelchairs, legal requirements of owning an electric wheelchair [ wheelchair ไฟฟ้า, Which is the term in Thai ] Apart from this, one also needs to consider the safety factors insurance and the accessories which are useful for a person. When there are special requirements to be met, it is important to get professional advice and assessment.

Determine your Needs:

When a person is requiring a wheelchair for entire time duration or for a limited done, it is important to access a complete seating assessment from an expert physiotherapist who is skilled in this area. In the case of specialist needs, it is imperative to have a professional assessment for getting the right kind of chair and seating. You may ask your general physician to refer to you the name of an accomplished health professional to give you a complete assessment.

In cases where there is no need for an assessment, it is still important to understand one’s requirements for getting the right kind of power wheelchair for helping you in different circumstances.

One of the various things in this regard includes mobility. This includes your walking, standing up, sitting down, moving one’s body or adjusting in a chair. You have to decide how to get in and out of a chair when it comes to mobility. Check whether you can walk up to short distances. Can you move, stand up and sit down safely? One also needs to think if you require using transfer board. If so, you have to consider having a chair with removable armrest for letting you do the same. Make sure that you are feeling rested and would the chair allow you to move close to the chair for allowing this.

Tolerance Levels:

This pertains to the amount of time you can comfortably tolerate doing something like walking, standing, and sitting.

Balance is the individual capacity to remain steady while being seated or standing or while transitioning in between the two states.

A wheelchair should be able to give you a comfortable posture. While you are using a powered wheelchair, you should be able to maintain a stable, comfortable, safe and supported position. You may need special kinds of cushions for getting some assistance in maintaining your position.

There is also a requirement to consider your body weight and size, especially if you have an exceptionally large body frame while choosing the right electric wheelchair.

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