Stimulate your hair growth with Stem Cell Hair Restoration  

  Stem Cell Hair Restoration is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures which helps in stimulating your hair growth if you...

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Stem Cell Hair Restoration is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures which helps in stimulating your hair growth if you have developed hair thinning or baldness. The entire process is very innovative because it will be utilizing the stem cells of your own body. So if you are looking towards opting for the stem cell hair transplantation for hair restoration then it is very important to know every bit about this procedure prior to opting for this treatment.

Who can opt for this treatment?

The first thing is irrespective of your gender you can opt for this treatment. If you are completely bald then this procedure is not for you. So if your scalp has still some hair left, then you can opt for this process. If you are experiencing hair thinning then you can utilize this procedure for bringing some more density in those areas or to add some natural fullness to the hair.

It can also be used for treating pattern baldness in both female and male. Stem cell restoration is also helpful in order to get some long-lasting effect and reduce your concern related to hair loss. Most importantly, you will be needing a hair specialist who will carry out several check-ups before they declare the process to be idle for your case.


How does the process work?

  1. The entire process of stem cell restoration will be carried on by using two steps. In the first one, the hair specialist will be extracting some fat from the body. This fat will be taken from the abdomen and thighs. Before carrying out this process, local anesthetics will be applied in order to ensure that you are not feeling any sort of pain or discomfort during the procedure.

  1. After the completion of this process, the extracted surplus fat will now be inserted into the centrifuge. A centrifuge is basically a medical machine that will separate all the components by using the spinning motion. After extracting all the stem cells it will now get injected to the patient.

  1. Now the area on the scalp will be prepared with local anesthetics before carrying out the process of inserting injection. So now stem cells will be inserted into the scalp for encouraging the hair growth. The entire process will be carried for 1 to 2 hours depending on the requirements of a patient.

If you’re looking for the best hair specialist to carry out the process then you should definitely come to The Malta Hair Clinic. All the hair specialists are having enough skills with efficient machines which will carry out the surgeries or procedures efficiently and thereby ensure a high success rate. You can visit the official website in order to go through the testimonials of the previous clients and how this clinic and helped them to overcome all the problems related to their hair.


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