As professional sports therapists, your job ought to be done out of passion and zeal. You should be able to enjoy helping...

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As professional sports therapists, your job ought to be done out of passion and zeal. You should be able to enjoy helping your clients by giving them the needed tools to help them prevent injury. Despite these, you will still face the general challenges most businesses face, which is that of running it successfully. No matter the area of sports therapy you are engaged in, be it helping people to optimize their sports performance, providing remedial massage to sportsmen or rendering advice on sports injuries, you should take note of the fact that your clients’ bodies are in your hands. Although you might exercise some caution, sometimes it’s not just enough. Even if you are a professional in the field, you could still make mistakes, something might go wrong somehow, and you could end up in a lawsuit. The work of a sports therapist is a complex one, from the endless paperwork to the long working hours, a compensation claim threatening to put you out of business could be the last thing on your mind.

Due to the delicate nature of the business, a client could easily claim they have suffered an injury or damage to personal property as a result of your advice. Generally, sports therapist insurance covers should be covered for the cost of settling legal claims. Such claims could result from your advice or actions that affected the client negatively, or the client sustained an injury during the therapy. Below are specific insurance cover explicitly tailored to a sports therapist.


If you employ people in your business, there is a probability that they could sustain an injury during their work. Hence, it’s possible that they might seek legal action to receive compensation from you. That is the primary purpose of employer’s liability insurance. It covers the costs of defending lawsuits that an employee filed against your business. It’s important to note that it can only cover your employees and not you personally.


It’s designed to give you the support you need as a sports therapist. The loss of a staff member or a key staff could lead to fatal consequences for your business. It also covers you because your absence from the business due to illness could also affect it adversely. Your insurance provider will provide you with a lump sum of money.


Most sports therapist use computers as an integral part of the business. If you use software to capture data and record information, there is a risk of being attacked by cybercriminals and hackers who will steal data and use it for unlawful purposes. Cyber data insurance is particularly helpful to sports therapist to whom the client has entrusted some of their details with, and a cyber-attack could happen unannounced.


An office insurance cover protects your business against the cost of replacing equipment if it was accidentally damaged, broken or stolen.