Serving an Important Role: Hospital Emergency Department  

  The hospital emergency department is a critical and important part of any hospital. The entire emergency department serves a vital role...

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The hospital emergency department is a critical and important part of any hospital. The entire emergency department serves a vital role for patients. Accidents can not be anticipated and therefore individuals need access to a safe and clean emergency department they can access near the scene of the accident. Emergency departments see thousands of patients over the course of a year. During this time, it is important to ensure the emergency department stays safe and secure. The emergency department can often become crazy and hectic when there is an overwhelming amount of people. The most common times for high emergency department volumes include nights and weekends.      

How Hospital Emergency Department Works      

Many accidents occur during the night and weekend time frame. As a result of this, hospitals know they need to provide higher levels of stage during these hours. The entire department must adhere to legal guidelines in terms of practice, safety and privacy. The hospital emergency department should be dedicated to helping treat patients and helping them recover from their accident, trauma or illness. There are many reason why hospital emergency departments are important. 

Without a hospital emergency department, trauma and accident patients would not be able to receive treatment for their critical condition. The hospital emergency department save lives. Many patients come into the emergency room with critical conditions. If patients do not receive treatment quickly after entering the emergency room, they risk fatality. For this reason, it is very important to ensure the emergency department is not overloaded.     

 When an individual is involved in a traumatic accident, they are often transported to the nearest hospital, however it is important to ensure there are many hospitals in the area to accept the load of individuals. For example, if a hospital is overloaded on a Friday night, other hospitals in the area will be used in order to divide up the flow of patients. 

Therefore, when there are few hospitals in the area, the flow of patients can become overloaded and therefore individuals may not be seen as quickly. This is a potentially dangerous situations as it could mean a patient does not receive care as quickly as they need to. When this happens, there is a major risk for fatality. For this reason, emergency departments must be constantly monitored and analyzed in order to ensure patients will be seen quickly. The hospital should always be prepared for a potentially critical situations such as multiple car crash victims.

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