Quit smoking with the Help of E-Cigarettes

Smoking can be a hard habit to quit. It is addictive due to the presence of nicotine in them. When someone is...

Written by Odessa Sotelo · 1 min read >

Smoking can be a hard habit to quit. It is addictive due to the presence of nicotine in them. When someone is hooked to cigarettes, this nicotine gives a dopamine rush to the brain which gives rise to the craving sensation. Even if we isolate the nicotine, cigarettes come with a whole host of other adverse effects. The tar, the tobacco, and the impurities cause more harm to you than the nicotine itself. To go from being a smoker to quitting completely is very difficult. Using a vape such as a smok fit can help you make a slow and easy transition. 

How Does Vaping Work? 

The smoke from a vape is a simple process of the liquid turning into vapor. There is no burning involved, so this already makes it a healthier alternative. The harmful substances that you inhale from a cigarette are not present in them. 

How does a Vape replace a cigarette? 

There are two major points to consider here. The liquid used in a vape such as the smok fit contains nicotine. This gives you the nicotine craving your body needs, sans the harmful additives of a cigarette. It is common practice to slowly reduce the nicotine composition in your body until you don’t need it anymore. The other factor is a placebo effect. Your body is so used to those smoke breaks, that it just needs a replacement for those times of craving. Using a vape fills that hole with a much easier alternative. 

Once you get the vape, what next? 

Once you buy yourself a vape, the next process is simple. The simple fit kit smok produces is a perfect starting vape. You can order an appropriate e-liquid that has a higher dose of nicotine. To move from the hot air of the cigarette to the cool-fragrant smoke might be the only difficult step you have to deal with. Once you have been vaping for a while, say a couple of months, order another vape juice with lower strength. By lower strength, we mean a lesser value of nicotine. In around 8 months you can hit a zero-nic point. Here your body is not dependent on the rush and you are free of the addiction. 

The one fact about a vape replacement is that you will never really know it benefits till you try it. If you think this is an expensive investment, then imagine the large amounts you spend each month on packs of cigarettes. This is a one-time investment for a better future and a longer healthier lifestyle.