How to Lose Belly Fat from Truth

Have you ever felt the embarrassment of going to the beach with friends? When talking about beach, usually comes the mind well-being,...

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Have you ever felt the embarrassment of going to the beach with friends?

When talking about beach, usually comes the mind well-being, quality of life, healthy energy and all other thoughts.

Such feelings can also be different as people, because they are a beach that awakens the feeling of joy, because you can see nature, participate in sports, participate in business, make new opportunities and make new friendships and new relationships.

But for more information, comment on the quality and quantity of food, which should be enough to improve your body. .

Here for us, do you really know how tired you are?

There is so much information that information about the subject on the internet for the first time, with absolute certainty, is completely confusing.

We lower the abdominal bar.

Localized Fat Reduction

Many people who want to lose weight think that to lose abdominal fat should focus their efforts on physical activities in the abdominal muscles.

Let’s think a little more about this reasoning …

This is a belief that in order to eliminate fat from a certain part of the body you must work the musculature under that fat.

According to several studies, genetics influences only 30% in predisposition to gain weight, the other 70% are determined by our food choices and the well being we develop.

So in fact, it is you who controls whether it will increase fat or not, whether it be in the hips, thighs or belly. Your body stores fat in your abdomen, hips and buttocks due to basic biomechanics.

The abdomen region is the best place to store extra energy because it takes less energy to carry it.

It is important to keep in mind that fat storage is a safety mechanism, without this strategy of survival if we go through a period of shortage to feed quickly we would feel weak and eminence of death, precisely because we have no reserves of energy, or another because we do not have that fat in the belly, for example.

Then your body seeks to maximize the energetic efficiency in creating, storing and using abdominal fat.

Balanced Diet

Healthy eating is one of the main ways to lose weight in a balanced way, because it activates the metabolism, so the body works in a functional way.

Macronutrients and micronutrients constitute healthy nutrition and combat nutritional deficiency.

There are nutrients that are needed daily for the body to function in a balanced way, among these nutrients are the main forms of energy we need every day, such as:

  • Protein;
  • Carbohydrate; and
  • Gloss healthy.

If we ignore some of these sources of energy in our body works in an unbalanced way, then our metabolism seeks to compensate for that nutritional deficiency.

For example, if you already had a diet that restricted carbohydrate, you had difficulties to reason, because the brain is carbohydrate fed, because your diet was low in carbohydrate your body burned the proteins present in your muscles to compensate.

Another evil effect was on sagging and aged appearance.

The sources of energy mentioned above are the macronutrients.

On the other hand, the micronutrients are composed of vitamins and minerals, that are present in the most diverse foods, like fruits, vegetables, vegetables, among others.

We cannot leave out the fibers!

Because they are fundamental to the digestive process, because they clean the intestine facilitating the absorption of the nutrients. Due to the greater absorption of the nutrients the body works in a balanced way, then the metabolism accelerates and fat burning occurs.

Foods rich in fiber improve the functioning of the intestine, leave the intestinal flora healthier and stimulate the body’s metabolism and detoxification, increasing energy and disposition.

A diet composed of these nutrients in a balanced way is usually very varied and colorful, and has nothing to do with fad diets.

The benefits of healthy eating practice are:

– Improve the immune system;

– Improve sleep quality;

– Improve intestinal transit;

– Improve in the mood;

– Improve ability to concentrate; and,

– Improve the weight loss process.

Many people are already aware that a healthy eating routine is the best way to lose weight without starving yourself and in a nutritionally balanced way.

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Fight Stress

Low-quality diet and sedentary lifestyle are not the only ones responsible for weight gain and consequently fat accumulation in the thighs, buttocks and bellies.

Stress can also be determinant for visceral fat gain, not just because stressed people are more likely to eat more, but are related to the quality of food.

When you are stressed do you feel like eating salad or greasy food?

Stress induces the body to release cortisone, a hormone that is associated with obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The best way to deal with stress is to predict situations and have a pre-programmed reaction.

For example, if you have been working for a year in an office you may have already known what matters to your boss or not, so you can work less stressfully if you maximize the results that matter to him and minimize things that are not important.

This is a very effective way to avoid stress.

Consume Fewer Calories

If you have decided that you want to reduce fat then understand once and for all … You need to start consuming fewer calories than you spend daily.

This way your energy reserves, like the fat located in the abdomen, will start to be burned, and you will lose weight.

If you are male, abdominal fat is probably the last one to be burned in your body. First the face and arms and legs will be thinner.

But for women, this means that the last place you will probably lose fat is the hip and buttocks.

It is very important that you lose weight and health, look younger, follow these tips and you will be able to wear beachwear without embarrassment and will never be ashamed of your husband.