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How to seek a successful job hunt in healthcare and life sciences industry?

The healthcare and life sciences sector is booming across the world and demand for qualified candidates in this industry is rapidly increasing....

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The healthcare and life sciences sector is booming across the world and demand for qualified candidates in this industry is rapidly increasing. Hence, it’s essential to collaborate with pros, like Renaudexec life sciences recruitment agency that has extensive expertise in medical recruitment, including biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical recruitment.

A recent study suggests that though the industry is booming, only 10% of candidates are called in for an interview.  Finding the best job can be tricky, thanks to the competitive world. The main steps of finding a job include preparation, application and sealing the job.


You should probably put your best foot forward and start off with this by solid research. The jobs in any field are competitive and you need to push back a lot of other skilled applicants from the beginning itself.

Have you updated your recent experience with any new skills that best suits the current market role?  Showcase your strong attributes to busy hiring managers and HR personnel to qualify for the job interview. Read your CV to look for any important keyword being missed, as this may affect your chances of getting shortlisted.


The agencies usually have wide range of options open for professionals in life sciences, private care, optical innovations and medical devices sectors.

Do not present the same CV or generic resume for specialist role; the opportunity in life science sector are so many that producing the basic CV can make you lose the job, though you’ve expert in that area.  Each firm is unique, dealing with different technologies and materials in a range of therapeutic field. Recruitment agencies want to hire a very specific candidate composing of qualified special skills that suits the requirement. Streamline your resume, removing out irrelevant experiences or skills to make it look like ‘you’ are that ideal candidate for the job.

Securing the job

Once you’ve qualified for the interview round, it’s your golden opportunity to convince them that you are the suitable candidate. Apart from the experience and right qualification, you need to have a quite engaging and impressive conservation with the recruiters. Your preparation should be much beyond the company’s products and missions. Spend enough time in understanding their technologies, therapies, medicines and what drives them to improve and save patient’s lives.

Renaudexec life sciences recruitment agency employs hand-picked experts, who often give tips to the professionals to carry out an effective job hunt. Contact them now to maximize your chance of getting the dream job.