How Cigna Includes Rehab and Going To Drug Rehab

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction is incredibly difficult, and research proves that this is one of the hardest things...

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Seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction is incredibly difficult, and research proves that this is one of the hardest things anyone can do. It does not matter whether you are looking for help for yourself or for someone you love; you will feel confused, anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. One reason for this is that rehab is expensive and it is very difficult to find funds to pay for it. If you have Cigna insurance coverage for drug & alcohol rehab, you may be able to get some reimbursement costs for you.

How Cigna Includes Rehab

Many people who have their Cigna insurance coverage for drug & alcohol rehabwonder if there are any drug or alcohol treatment centers covered by their insurance company, or whether rehab treatment is included in their package. The news is that Cigna is treating drug and alcohol abuse. They do this at different levels depending on the project you have. Their coverage area covers the first 100 percent. Some plans will cover the fullness of your rehab treatment. However, it is very common that they cover 80% of rehab, although some programs are less expensive. Generally, those that are not covered underneath should be paid out of pocket.

If you find a treatment center that you are interested in, they can conduct an insurance check for you. This means they can tell you what they cover and what your pocket costs are. Whatever the case, these conversations are always 100 percent confidential and free of any obligation.

Going To Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Finding out if your insurance policy will cover you for rehab is a daunting task. Many treatment centers seem to be increasing their prices significantly, which means that it is difficult, if not impossible, for people to pay for their treatment without some kind of help from their insurance company. Fortunately, due to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, addiction treatment is now seen as a form of mental health treatment, which means that all insurance companies must cover it to some extent. However, how they do it will vary depending on the carrier, your plan and the state in which you live.

Treatment centers understand the difficulties you find. It is common for some employees in these centers to recover from drug abuse. This means that they have direct knowledge of what you are doing and they know the drug is invincible. They can serve as an inspiration to you and will tell you that with 100 percent confidence, the road can be long and arduous, but achieving recovery. If you want to redeem- give us a call! We are happy to help with any