Higuain and Benzema, Crossed Lives

    ‘Lives crossed’, in addition to being a work of the genius Raymond Carver and a song by Quique González , it would be good...

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‘Lives crossed’, in addition to being a work of the genius Raymond Carver and a song by Quique González , it would be good to title a biopic in a duet of Gonzalo Higuaín and Karim Benzema. Lifes crossed. With each other and against everything. Former teammates in the locker room, registered in the same square meter that is the criticism of the striker , the Argentine and the French share the worst label that can be hung from a person in charge of wagging the scoreboard: “He doesn’t score a goal or the rainbow.”

Few strikers are reminded of so many gestures of despair so few centimeters from the goal nor so many stab wounds of their own fans. Since his time in Madrid, both were reproached for their lack of effectiveness against the rival goal, despite the fact that their numbers were good season after season, although always insufficient in the fight with Cristiano, their best ally and worst comparison. , all in one.

Benzema’s ruling that would have cost him a whistle at the Bernabéu

Karim won that casting for Ronaldo’s secretary and Gonzalo headed for Naples, where he found love and respect in a hobby that welcomed him as only San Paolo can do it, with the utmost madness, with all his throat and heart, until Pipita he tore it up to put on the Juve jersey. Since leaving the Bernabéu, in addition to accumulating disappointments with the Argentine team, he has won a League, two Cups and a Super Cup in Italy, but what he had the most satisfaction to produce was to win the trophy for Capocannoniere, that beautiful shape that they have in Italy to call their Pichichi.

“That way no one will tell me that I don’t score goals,” thought Higuaín. Not much less, but at least he has an embroidered badge on his resume to teach anyone who questions his potential scorer. That is something that Benzema does not have, who continued to be the perfect ‘wingman’ of Cristiano, that Anglo-Saxon term that defines the ‘colleague who helps you on a night out.’

What Karim does have are three Champions in his record, all of them achieved after the departure of Higuaín, in addition to a League, a Cup, three Club World Cups, three European Super Cups and a Spanish Super Cup, trophies that the Argentine missed. for leaving Madrid just before the harvest time, as we could describe the white era since the departure of Mourinho (and Pipita) in 2013.

Higuaín, in the spotlight: the networks are fattened with their failure with 0-0 on the scoreboard!

If one consolation remains for the now bianconero, it is that winstrol kaufen he has scored more than the Real Madrid player since he has flown alone. 146 goals in 242 games, at a rate of 0.6 goals per game, an average of more than 0.47 goals per match for Benzema, who has scored 102 goals in 217 games since the Argentine’s departure.

Yes, it is true that Karim is recognized for merits that are not contemplated in Gonzalo. It is said of him that he is not very adept at goal but that he makes the team play, that his genius makes him worthy of a margin of confidence, that Cristiano is already there to score and that Benzema has another role, more misunderstood because he looks 9, which is a number that does him no justice and that he is much more. Arguments that are not valid for his detractors, but that keep him facing criticism.

Higuaín does not have such a vitola and does have a disadvantage: the artistic capacity of the Argentine compatriot to insult. Easy target of criticism for a physiognomy that does not invite bodybuilding, he has a few months ahead to change the end of his history with the Champions and the World Cup as protagonists, a competition that his former partner Benzema will see on television methandienone bestellen. Two strikers with what, like the terrain in which they will meet again, is all white or black.

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