Get Piles Treatment In Hyderabad With Specialist Doctor

There are several patients who seek to get piles treatment in Hyderabad by a specialist doctor. They come with complaints of itching,...

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There are several patients who seek to get piles treatment in Hyderabad by a specialist doctor. They come with complaints of itching, pain during bowel movements and blood in the stool. All these are symptoms of piles which they may not be able to notice during the initial days.

The causes of piles or hemorrhoids are chronic constipation, straining while defecating, obesity, stress, lack of adequate water intake, insufficient fiber food, chronic diarrhea and even sedentary lifestyle. When people notice all these symptoms, they prefer to treat them with home remedies. 

Things to know before taking piles treatment?

Before looking out for the best piles treatment in Hyderabad, understand why is treatment important and which is the best treatment for you. 

There are two types of piles – external and internal piles.

External piles: They are located underneath the skin that surrounds the anus. They can be seen and felt outside on the anal region (especially while passing stool). There is no blood flow due to blood clots and can be quite painful. This condition is known as thrombosed piles or acute hemorrhoidal disease. 

Internal piles: 

Internal hemorrhoids swell and stick outside the anus which causes severe pain and discomfort. This situation is known as prolapsed hemorrhoids. There are four grades of piles: 

    • Grade 1:  You may not have any symptoms of piles as there may be itching but they do not come out of the anus at all. 
    • Grade 2: In grade 2 piles, they retract or go back inside. This happens when you strain while defecating. Later it returns to its normal place. 
    • Grade 3: They also prolapse and go to their normal position after pushing manually. They become very painful. 
    • Grade 4: Prolapsed and you can not push these hemorrhoids even manually. They come and do not go back inside. They need immediate treatment before they get complicated. 

Therefore, when you notice the symptoms of piles, contact a piles specialist doctor and get yourself diagnosed. 

How do doctors diagnose piles in Hyderabad?

The process of diagnosis in Hyderabad is the same as everywhere in India. The doctors perform a physical examination. The doctor looks at the anus or rectum if there are any visible symptoms. This is to test for external hemorrhoids. 

Another test is a digital rectal examination where the doctor inserts a gloved finger inside the anus or rectum to feel the piles with fingers. Sometimes, the doctors also do image testing using anoscope or a proctoscope which gives a clear image of the piles inside the rectum or anus. 

What Piles Treatment do People Prefer in Hyderabad?

With the advancement in technology, people are well aware of the latest piles treatment in Hyderabad. They prefer laser treatment which is a painless and minimally invasive technique to treat piles because piles, when left untreated, can lead to complications. They include:

  • Strangulation when the blood supply to the piles gets stopped due to the blockage of nerves. 
  • Anemia when there is excess blood loss due to bleeding piles. 
  • Infection Bacteria can get into bleeding piles and infect the healthy tissues. 

To avoid these complications, get piles treatment in Hyderabad with specialist doctor who performs laser surgery. 

Why is Laser Surgery Good for Piles?

Laser surgery is considered better for piles in Hyderabad as there are no cuts, and no stitches involved in the procedure. It is a daycare procedure performed under general anesthesia. Laser fiber is inserted into the anus or rectum and a focused beam of laser energy used to shrink the hemorrhoids. This does not harm the nearby tissues and helps in growth of the new blood vessels thereby improving the blood circulation and gut health. 

The chances of infection are negligible in case of laser surgery as there is negligible exposure of the internal organs to the outside environment. Even the success rate of laser surgery in Hyderabad is 99% when performed by an experienced specialist surgeon. 

After the surgery, the patient can go home after 24-48 hours after complete observation by the healthcare doctor. Post-surgery recovery is quick and comfortable as the patient. The patient can return to normal routine after 2-3 days of the surgery but he/she must not perform activities that put pressure on the abdomen or the surgical area. Follow the instruction given by the healthcare provider to recover quickly and without complication. 


Piles can really be painful. Home remedies, ointments, medicines and surgery are the treatment options for piles. But let the doctor decide the right treatment for you. Visit the best piles doctor in Hyderabad for consultation and do not delay the treatment for piles. There are expert surgeons who perform piles treatment in Hyderabad with great expertise. Get the treatment of piles before they get complicated because they do not go away on their own.