Get Fit With Cardiovascular Exercise

The general rule about weight loss is simple – no pain, no gain! But flattening your belly and forgetting about love handles...

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The general rule about weight loss is simple – no pain, no gain! But flattening your belly and forgetting about love handles doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on flavorful and delicious food. Only 15% less calories, combined with intensive cardio training can create miracles.

Cardio exercises are the essence of every efficient weight loss program. They help you burn fat and improve health at the same time. But cardio training doesn’t have to be strenuous and devastating – you can do aerobic workouts without completely draining your energy. Try best manual treadmills, cycling, slow running or brisk walking instead of steppers and elliptical machines at the local gym to make it even more enjoyable. You can also jump the rope, swim or walk the stairs anywhere – as long as your heartbeat rate is increased for a long or extended period of time.


The right intensity of cardio training is should get you to 120-140 heartbeats per minute. There are also a couple of more rules – try exercising in the morning, with your stomach still empty, because your body burns fat reserves instead of a freshly eaten meal. In order to start the fat burning process, you need at least 30 minutes of exercise, because in the first 20 minutes, your body uses sugar reserves in your muscles instead of fat.

So, choose the exercise and place (although walking is the preferred weight loss method for obese people) and bear in mind the timetable

In the first 12 minutes, your body uses the sugar which you already have stored in the muscles.

From 12th to 20th minute, you are using reserves which are easy to re-build.

From 30th to 60th minute, you are using those fatty reserves, the ones you wanted to get rid of in the first place!

After 60 minutes, your body is very tired, and tries to keep all of the reserves. The risk of injury grows with every minute after.


For longer trainings, you really need persistence and great motivation. Be ready to follow your goals to the very end and make yourself proud. Get that fancy dress or beautiful suit out you dreamed of wearing for a very long time and enjoy your new life as a slimmer and healthier person, just like those lucky people whom you envied only a couple of months before.

Be ready to embrace the challenge of a lifetime and do cardio by walking anywhere you want – in shops, in malls, downtown or in parks – it’s completely up to you. Just do it with your head held high and keep your goals always in sight.