Factors that Affect the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

You should understand that cost is the foremost concern for many of the patients while planning for hair transplantation. A huge number...

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You should understand that cost is the foremost concern for many of the patients while planning for hair transplantation. A huge number of aspects are there that influence the cost of this surgery. Here, we are going to describe 7 factors that affect the cost of hair restoration treatment.

1: The Level of Your Baldness

The overall price of hair transplant surgery is directly influenced by the grade or level of baldness you possess.

2: The Technique of Hair Transplant

There are two techniques of performing hair transplant surgery, namely, FUE and FUT. The FUE technique applies the use of very modern technology for the individual graft extraction; while the FUT is a compatible technique to get the desired number of grafts in lesser time. If we talk about the expense of these two procedures, then FUE is a costlier method.

3: The Number of Sessions Required

Most of the hair transplant surgeries are performed in a single session, like in 5 – 8 hours approximately. In some of the cases where the patients have a large baldness level, require several grafting. The average number of grafts required that are implanted in a single session is around 3000 – 4000 grafts. If this count exceeds 5000 grafts or more than that, then the patient would need to come to the clinic again on the next day as well, for one more session.

4: The Reputation of the Clinic

The reputation of the clinic also matters a lot. The clinics that are more reputed, famous and popular also affect the cost of the surgery. The top hair transplant clinics may charge a little more, as they offer an outstanding level of services to their patients.

5: The Expertise/Experience of the Surgeon

The hair transplant surgeons with great experience will have more skills and a high level of expertise in performing the surgeries. You may have seen that the well-renowned plastic surgeons have high rates along with a high consultation fee. Thus, to offer guaranteed results with a high success rate, they might charge an extra amount for their skills and expertise.

6: Availability of Donor Grafts

If the patient doesn’t have enough healthy follicles on the back of the scalp, then he/she has to sacrifice his/her hair from other suitable body parts. As the other body hair is more sensitive to extract, therefore it requires more skills and expertise. Therefore, the overall procedure will affect the cost of surgery.

7: Consultation

Some hair transplant clinics give free of cost consultation to the patients whereas other clinics charge a fee for the consultation. In the consultation session, you would get to know about the various aspects of hair transplant surgery. You can also negotiate the cost with your doctor or surgeon. Visit Nova Medical Hair Transplant Toronto to know more about the cost in detail.