Dos & Don’ts during high-risk pregnancies

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in any women’s life. These 9 months are rare and once in a lifetime experience for many....

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Pregnancy is a beautiful period in any women’s life. These 9 months are rare and once in a lifetime experience for many. However, one needs to be extra careful as, during this phase, one needs to take care of not only themselves but also the child inside them. Not everyone has a smooth pregnancy. There are various cases when women are known to high-risk pregnancy and need to be extra cautious for themselves as well as the child. By high-risk pregnancy, we are referring to a pregnancy where there is life threat for the mother, the foetus or both.

If you are wondering if it is a cause of concern, then it is but certainly nothing that the best maternity hospital in Bangalore cannot tackle.

So, what causes High-risk pregnancy?

There are various factors that can trigger a pregnancy as high risk. Here are a few common ones:

–         The age of the mother might trigger the same. Thanks to our lifestyle and career, many times, women conceive at a higher age. The higher the age is, the greater is the risk associated with it. Generally, 35 years is touted as a safe benchmark for being pregnant.

–         Prior ailments of the mother. Many times, the women who conceive suffers from certain pre-existing and prior ailments like high blood sugar and thyroid issues. These existing issues can cause a problem.

–         Weight of pregnant women. Being underweight or overweight might cause issues during pregnancy.

Now, that we know what causes this, let us talk about the Dos and Don’ts of a high-risk pregnancy. 

List of Don’ts during high-risk pregnancy:

  1. Do not smoke: If you are a smoker, then try to abstain from it during these nine months. 
  2. Do not drink: The same rule applies to alcohol during these nine months.
  3. Do not experiment with medicine: Pregnancy is not the time to self-medicate or experiment with medicines. Always consult a doctor before taking any medicine other than the ones prescribed as it may have side effects now.

List of Dos during high-risk pregnancy:

  1. Take rest: You need to understand that pregnancy is the time when your body is undergoing a lot of change, both physically and mentally. Not to say, the hormonal shift inside us. During high-risk pregnancy, it makes sense to take adequate rest for our body to heal from within.
  2. Don’t miss your medicine: During these nine months of pregnancy, doctors prescribe a list of medicines to pregnant women. These medicines are mainly for folic acid, calcium and iron. Ensure that you take your daily dose on time.
  3. Gain weight, but smartly: It is important to eat well and healthy as the child in the womb gets the food from the mother. However, do not eat twice the quantity thinking so.

Remember, these are only a few common things to follow; one must consult the best maternity hospital, to know the exact condition, the risk involved,  along with the Dos and Don’ts.