Corona Virus Transmission Myths – Get Your Facts Right to Ensure Safety from The Infection

Covid-19 pandemic was declared a Public Health Emergency on 30th Jan 2020. A couple of months have passed and it’s still a...

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Covid-19 pandemic was declared a Public Health Emergency on 30th Jan 2020. A couple of months have passed and it’s still a cause of panic and has spread to more than 200 countries. There are many myths surfacing regarding ways to prevent the contraction of the disease, but none of it has been proven yet.

There are ongoing drug trials being carried out, but there isn’t a vaccine for corona virus yet. Though hydroxychloroquine is used in certain countries, there is no proof of its effectiveness. Misuse of the drug can cause unfortunate consequences. Stay away from myths and trying unproven methods to prevent disease transmission.

Ways to prevent contraction of corona virus infection:

  • Maintain a safe distance from other people in public
  • Wear masks when in public
  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water often
  • Refrain from touching you face
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough
  • Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms and call a medical health provider

Masks are the best way to control the spread of the infection. It prevents a sick person’s respiratory droplets from contaminating other people/ surfaces. Buy face masks in bulk and stock them up for everyday use as you commute between places. High quality respiratory face masks are available at Custom Earth Promos at manufacturing prices.

Opt for their K95 masks which has 95% filtration rate or try their customizable face masks. Reusable cotton masks are another good and comfortable option. Avoid stepping into public places without masks. Though elderly and those with compromised immunity are more prone to the infection, it could affect anyone. Avoid relying on myths that are floating in social media.

Busting the common myths surrounding covid-19:

Not all that you read about covid-19 prevention is true. Some of those precautions you are taking may even worsen the risk of infection. Check the facts.

  • The supposedly immunity-boosting foods: It is important to follow a balanced diet and keep yourself healthy. Adding hot pepper, garlic or chickpeas despite being healthy isn’t going to keep you safe from infection.
  • Spraying or introducing any disinfectant: Disinfectants have harmful chemicals in them and are meant to be used only on surfaces. They wouldn’t help in keep you covid-19- free and are dangerous to be used on humans.
  • 5G networks: The transmission of infection doesn’t increase in the presence of 5G mobile networks. Countries that don’t have access to 5G are wading through the infection too.
  • Anything to do with heat: There is no evidence that hot weathers and hot baths would kill the virus. No matter the temperature outside, our body temperature is generally between 36.5 °C and 37 °
  • Touching food containers and grocery store produce: If the containers have been handled by an infected person, there is a possibility of risk of infection which is why washing your hands often is important.
  • Infection in pets: There are few cases of pets being affected by infection, but the occurrence of pet-human transmission is less likely. You could still handle your hands at a safe distance.
  • Pneumonia vaccines: Corona virus is a new strain and pneumonia vaccines do not work on them.

Stick to following the health measures put forth by the WHO and recommended by medical practitioners. Stay safe.

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