The field of aesthetics medicine has been gradually improving over the decade here in Malaysia. Many of our professionals have been traveling...

Written by Clare Louise · 2 min read >

The field of aesthetics medicine has been gradually improving over the decade here in Malaysia. Many of our professionals have been traveling overseas to widen their scope of knowledge and indulge in many newer technologies in this field. All these experts have come back here to Malaysia and put the knowledge to great use and introduce to the society a lot of beneficial methods and techniques to beautify us. One of the most successful techniques is coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is an innovative approach to remove body fat. Coolsculpting is also known as cryolipolysis. It is a body contouring method where the body fat is frozen and then destroyed to help reduce the body fat volume. It is also a non invasive treatment that uses freezing as the main medium to lose the stubborn fat in the body. Gone were the days where a sharp knife is inserted into our body to help remove the fatty tissues.

As we all know our body has its own natural response to the cold weather. Our body tends to shiver when during the cold weather. By shivering, our body’s metabolic rate tends to increase and thus keeping us warm by burning fat. This way it seems like a more economical way of losing weight. Well, not for all of us because not many of us have the privilege of being in a cold country and Malaysia is well known for its tropical climate. That is why with the help of research and technology, scientist has discovered an easy way of losing weight by using cold as the main medium. This innovative technique is known as coolsculpting.

When it’s introduced Coolsculpting in Malaysia at first did not work very well as many were afraid of indulging themselves in this procedure scared of the after effects. When more and more campaigns and advertisements were done by the aesthetic teams only then the public started to warm up towards this idea. Then, after a few try out sessions and people start seeing real results, only then it became a massive hit. The society began trusting the aesthetic experts and started considering coolsculpting as a reliable technique that can help lose stubborn fat.

Nowadays there are like hundreds of expert all over Malaysia that can perform this procedure. Thanks to this innovative approach in losing body fat, many experts have learnt this technique and spread it here. This seems to be a great help to those out there with stubborn fat that cannot seem to get rid of it by means of exercises and diets.

We should always be reminded that a procedure like this should only be done by a professional in the aesthetic field. This is to avoid any sort of serious complication that might leave us with a permanent damage. So, it is best to leave this in the hands of an expert. They are also entitled to brief each and every patient thoroughly regarding the procedure in order to avoid any mishap. Patient has every right to know what is being done and it is the doctor’s duty to make sure every doubt has been cleared up prior to the treatment.

So, basically we do not have to withstand blizzards to lose weight. If coolsculpting is an ideal method for the individual then why not indulge in it and experience the results for yourselves. We can definitely read a lot of success stories worldwide where they talk about how coolsculpting has helped them achieve their desired body weight as well as get rid of stubborn body fat. Guess coolness can solve problems after all.