Best way to fight colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer which is otherwise known as colon or bowel or rectal cancer is any form of cancer that afflicts the colon...

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Colorectal cancer which is otherwise known as colon or bowel or rectal cancer is any form of cancer that afflicts the colon and rectum of the human body. While it is known that colon cancer might sometimes be benign, there are malignant forms of this cancer too. A malignant type of colorectal cancer can rapidly spread to other organs of the body thereby damaging them.

One of the best ways of preventing colon cancer is to get regular checkups and colon cancer screening. Screening helps find colon polyps and removing them. This process also helps find the cancer cells at an early stage and remove them.

Time for a screening test

While it is okay to begin the screening at any age, it is suggested that the people running the following risks start the screening process before the age of 50:

  • If one has a history of inflammatory bowel disease
  • If one has close relatives or immediate family members who have suffered from colon cancer
  • If one has a family history of polyps or colon cancer.

If you have a history of polyps

  • The first thing you should do is get a colonoscopy when your polyps are first diagnosed.

  • If you had only 1 or 2 polyps, you can repeat the colonoscopy process in 5 years. In case you had 3 or 4, repeat the process in 3 years.

  • However, if your polyps are permanently attached and are removed in portions only, you should repeat the process every two to six months to ensure complete polyp removal.

Kinds of screening tests

If you are looking to get a colon cancer screening in Singapore, chances are there will be some of the tests involved in the process:

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Stool tests:

The guaiac-based stool test uses the chemical guaiac to detect blood in the stool. You receive a kit from the clinic and procure a small amount of stool. you return the stool to your doctor to get it checked.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy:

To conduct this test, the doctor puts a thin, flexible, lighted tube in the rectum. This test checks for polyps and cancer cells in the rectum and the lower third of the colon.


This process is similar to a sigmoidoscopy, but it uses a longer tube to check for cancer cells in the rectum and the whole colon. The doctor can find and remove most polyps during the test itself. Colonoscopy should be conducted every ten years to check the health of the colon.

The treatment you choose depends upon your condition and your preferences. Colon cancer screening in Singapore offers most of these tests, and you are free to choose the one you like. Colorectal cancer is an extremely pressing problem, and definitely, one that requires your immediate attention. You can find more information about the screening process on the Internet. However, do make sure that you consult an expert oncologist for the best guidance and treatment procedures to get rid of this dreaded ailment.

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