Best paddles for pickle ball

Pickle ball is very popular game to play. People of all age can play this game as it is very simple to...

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Pickle ball is very popular game to play. People of all age can play this game as it is very simple to learn and play. So if you have been playing this game for a while, there are chances that you may feel that you need some different type of paddle for playing this game with more ease and simplicity. There are many kinds of pickle ball paddles available in the market to choose from. The main feature that a player should consider while choosing a paddle are:

Power: The power of the pickle ball paddle completely depends on the material that is used in the manufacturing of it. The power is generated when the ball hits the surface of the paddle and hits it back with more speed and force. Graphite made pickle ball paddles generates the maximum power while hitting the ball. Graphite made Wolfe paddles are ideal for those people who have some shoulder or elbow injury. They can hit the ball with more power by using less of their body effort.Image result for Best paddles for pickle ball

Control:Control is also an important feature to consider while selecting a pickle ball paddle for you. Paddles with more power will offer less control while playing pickle ball. Beginners will over hit the ball while playing and will feel less comfortable with the high power paddle. In the same way light power paddle will require more human effort. Beginners will always find themselves short of the power and control. So always choose medium powered and controlled paddles which are also ideal for the beginners.

Weight:A light weight paddle will always generate a shocking effect every time the ball hits it. Heavy paddle will provide you with more power and more hitting distance. A mid weight paddle is ideal for all kinds of players and provides the perfect playing conditions.

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