Back To Basics: Nurture The Natural Way

In the modern age of pollution ridden environments and unhealthy lifestyles, people are haunted with an escalating rate of multiple health problems...

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In the modern age of pollution ridden environments and unhealthy lifestyles, people are haunted with an escalating rate of multiple health problems that were almost nonexistent even a few decades back. There is an increased range of allergies arising in children and adults alike, and a serious and critical influx of degenerative diseases like cancer and other devastating health conditions. Most of these new health hindrances have been researched and associated back to the diet habits of modern societies, and mainly to the new modes in farming and mass production of food crops and live stock. The advances in technology and the genetic modification of crops for increased productivity and diversity, has upset the physical balance of our adaptive capabilities, and the human constitution has turned acutely sensitive, creating an environment of increased infections and epidemics and grave medical conditions. The dangerous amount of toxins contained in pesticides and chemical fertilizers, have not only created serious health hazards in the human environment, but has also created reverse effects, as the immunity in the pests to survive against the modern pesticides has increased phenomenally.


More and more people are going back to basics, and returning to old food habits, consuming only naturally grown and un modified crops and live stock. Food stuff that have been organically grown, without any chemical aid or toxic pest control, are back in the diet scene, and even the major supermarkets and food chains have special ranges of healthy organic products in their provisions. The popularity and increased demand for these range of food products have encouraged the sprouting of myriad health food shops, in most localities and the great reception and support that these outlets have received from health fanatics and enthusiasts, have encouraged more and more farms and agricultural organizations to take up organic farming and cultivation.

Modern day health enthusiasts are finding ways to return completely to nature and the old lifestyles that supported nature and natural environments. The natural alternatives for modern life essentials, inclusive of food, medicine and other house hold necessities are widely being researched from old records, and introduced back into the environment to treat current maladies, and to sustain an eco friendly existence. The ancient herbal remedies and diet habits that used to be a way of life for our ancestors, are being extensively brought back into the life style market. In all areas of life, natural products are being alternated for modern artificial materials, which have been slowly and steadily corrupting the environment. Wood and other naturally available and sustainable materials are rapidly taking the place of plastics and other non-bio degradable substances. Aroma therapy and traditional therapeutic methods are being brought back into the arena of enhancing holistic health treatments, for the modern day maladies that are throwbacks of the speed and stress aspects of contemporary life.

The ‘going back to basics’ idea has gained a lot of popularity in communities today, and there are avant-garde activists who firmly believe and vow that, nature is the ultimate healer and sustainer. People are turning back and encouraging others to visit their local health food shop, and preferring to gift their dear ones with organic hampers and gift packs, instead of promoting cheap artificial alternatives.

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