How To Apply Breast Enhancement Cream Correctly?

Hello ladies, make your dream come true. You can make men following behind you like a magnet. With your attractive, physic especially...

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Hello ladies, make your dream come true. You can make men following behind you like a magnet. With your attractive, physic especially your breast that is prominently observed by men.Most of the women want a bigger breast. Moreover, in this contemporary world, everything is possible.

No more surgeries to enlarge your breast. Enlarging your breast has become as simple as a piece of cake. All you need is to apply the Breast enhancement cream on your breast. And now here is the confusing part.

  1. How to apply the breast enlargement cream?
  2. What are the safety procedures to apply the breast enlargement cream?

Don’t worry, here your answers are.


The Correct Way to Apply Breast Enlargement Cream

Before we start, take a hair dryer and the cream to apply on your breast. When you are set to start, get a hot shower. The hot water in which you are bathing must cover your breast area.

As soon as you come out from the shower, take a dry and soft cloth. Gently drain all the water molecules from your body. Filtering the water molecules differs from woman to woman. However, you need not hurry this process. Take ample amount of time to these process.

Using a soft cloth gently press on the breast. Do not rub it harsh or little hard because your skin on your breast areas is very sensitive. When you feel that your skin is dry, take the breast enhancement cream on your fingers. If you are going to apply the cream on your left side of the breast, then take the cream on your right hand. This is for the accurate smoothness on your breast.

After you shower, use the hair dryer and show the hot air on your breast. The hot air from the dryer will open the spores f your skin so that the enlargement cream will be more effective.

When you have the cream on your hand, apply the cream on your breast. Start applying it from the top of the breast area, which is above your nipples. The application of the breast enhancement must follow a circular motion.

The finger should move very smoothly over your skin. It should cover all the area while applying on it. Then slowly move downwards over the nipple and the bottom surface of your breast.


Thereafter, take the enhancement cream on the other hand. Repeat the same process which you did for the other side of the breast. Importantly, while applying on the top surface of the breast, hold the bottom surface of the breast with your other hand.

Push the bottom of the breast upward direction, and your application must go in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise motions. This will give you an equal shape and size of your breast.

Later after the application of the cream, you have to massage your breast. Keep one hand on one side of the breast. Place the other hand on the other side of the same breast. Start your massage in clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motion.

When you finish your massage, use the hair dryer on your breast again.Finally, have a good shower.

While using the cream make sure that you are aware of the procedures to apply. Thus follow the guidelines to apply to your breast and enhance your beautiful boobs.