Advice From An Asheville Massage Therapist

Massage is nothing but the rubbing of soft tissues of the body. Muscles belong to this group of tissues. Massage has been...

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Massage is nothing but the rubbing of soft tissues of the body. Muscles belong to this group of tissues. Massage has been proven helpful in reducing pain and tension. Massage also helps improve blood circulation and encourages relaxation. Therapists are usually known to apply pressure with hands. Specific styles involve the use of feet, forearms and even elbows. Today, there are about 80 different known forms of massage therapy. Some are gentle while others are intensely active. If you are planning to get a massage, do not forget to consult your health advisor. Massage can be hazardous if you have forbidding symptoms.

Well-known forms of massage

Explaining 80 different types of massage is tiresome work. Though there are some very renowned massage forms, you can get anywhere. You will be in safer hands if you choose an Asheville massage therapist. A Swedish massage is a gentle bodywork. It involves long, gliding strokes and kneading with tapping techniques. Deep tissue massage is one of the more pressurized methods. This form of massage treats long-lasting muscle tension. You can also go for self-care massaging processes. It helps in unwinding and relaxing after long hours at work or school. It also acts as a morning energizer. Finally, trigger point massage is the most uncomfortable one. The reason is that the therapist applies force on knots or tight, tense muscles. These muscles have become tight due to overuse or injury, and the process is discomforting.

Safety precautions

You already know that it is mandatory to consult a physician before getting a massage. Conditions like open wounds, bruises or delicate skin can cause a disaster during or after the massage. Having a blood clot in your veins or carcinogenic outgrowths on your body can also lead to undesirable results. Patients of low blood platelet count or bleeding disorders should also refrain from massages. Only a certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, determine the ability of your therapist. This certificate lets you know that the therapist has some experience handling clients.