Adverse effects of Chlorpheniramine: How to avoid

  Chlorpheniramine is a medication used for runny nose, itching, watery eyes and sneezing caused by the common cold and allergic rhinitis....

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Chlorpheniramine is a medication used for runny nose, itching, watery eyes and sneezing caused by the common cold and allergic rhinitis. It has an antihistamine profile that acts to reduce the effects of histamine which is the natural chemical substance in our body. The common side effects or adverse effects of this medication includes dry mouth or nose or throat may occurs. This side effect is pretty common in chlorpheniramine user and it can be relieved by sucking the sugarless hard candy or small ice cubes. If not, you can try to drink a good amount of water every day to prevent the mouth or throat from drying itself. By drinking plenty of water also may prevent the difficulties to breathe because this medication can dry up and thicken the phlegm produced by your lungs. The other common side effects such as headache, constipation, stomach upset, drowsiness and dizziness. For headache, you can either take the painkillers to relieve it or else having a good amount of rest and prevent any triggering factors will be beneficial. Prevent any type of stress or any negative emotional changes also important to keep our brain functioning properly and thus prevent headache.

To relieve drowsiness, you should get enough night time sleep, set up a parameter such as sleep time and wake up time, exercise during the day and having a healthy meal can help to prevent drowsiness. Some studies have found that the exercise during evening can help us to sleep more easily during the night. This is an important to prevent any distractions during the night that can delay our sleep time. To treat constipation, you should drink more water. Being dehydrated often can make your stomach upset. To prevent this, it’s vital to stay hydrated and drink enough water. When you’re constipated, you could try finding relief by drinking some carbonated drink such as sparkling water to help you rehydrate throughout the day. Some studies have found a sparkling water to be more useful than plain water in relieving constipation. However, do not start drinking other carbonated drinks that has a lot of sugars such as pepsi or coca cola, as they’re a bad choice for your well being and can make your constipation become more worse.

The rare side effects that can occur with chlorpheniramine for example such as jerking or twitching muscles, hallucinations and a fast heart beat. Twitching muscles involves small muscle jerks in your body. Your muscles are made up of muscle fibres that control by your nervous system. Stimulation or any damage to a nerve may cause your muscle fibres to jerks. Most muscle twitches can go unnoticed and does not cause any harm or need a concern. But in some cases, they can indicate a nervous system problems and you should see your local doctor. You can always check online Chlorpheniramine answers by doctor on call to get a better knowledge of the medication.

Hallucinations is when you can hear voices or see something that are not there. You can sense that the sounds are either coming from outside or inside your own mind. You can hear the voices talking to each other or he or she is talking to you or feel like they are instructing you to do something. Visual hallucination is when you can see things that only you are able to see it. There are also other types of hallucinations such as smell, taste and tactile hallucination. If you experience any of the hallucinations because of taking this medication, then the doctor or even the psychiatrist need to see you to identify and treat the problem. The treatments for hallucinations are depend on what’s causing it. If you having any of these severe side effects of chlorpheniramine, your doctor might ask you to hold or even stop taking this medication.

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