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Passionate about oral health but do not want to spend many years in a dental school or do not have good enough...

Written by James Boynton · 1 min read >

Passionate about oral health but do not want to spend many years in a dental school or do not have good enough grades? This is not the end, being a dental hygienist will help you work in the field that you want to. All that you have to do is apply to the programs at the Dental Hygienist School. Following are the top five reasons why you should consider having a career as a dental hygienist.

  1. Service to the Community:
    Dental hygienists serve the community by reducing oral health problems which are often associated with pain, low self-esteem, poorly controlled diabetes, a cardiovascular disease resulting from oral inflammation due to bacteria and preterm birth. Poor oral health also increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, respiratory infections like pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which happens when you inhale the bacteria present in the mouth. 

A dental hygienist not only cleans teeth but also assesses the oral conditions of the patients, plans and implements treatment, assists the rest of the dental team with some medical tasks and educates the community about good oral hygiene. 


  • Job Security:
    The unemployment rate as per the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association is at 2.1%, which is much lower than the national unemployment average of 6.7%. The low unemployment rates prove that there is a high demand for dental hygienists and the market is yet to be saturated. As Canada is an ageing society, the older generation requires oral health treatment, prevention and the aggressive promotion of the benefits of preventive dental services. 
  • Pays well:
    As a dental hygienist you are mostly paid by the hour and they make an average of about $40 per hour. 
  • Job Satisfaction:
    Serving your community always leaves one feeling fulfilled. As a dental hygienist, other things would help you feel satisfied with your job. Your job requires you to interact with different people every day which help you to broaden your horizons. You will be building relationships with patients, dentists and other dental professionals and people from other industry. You won’t be stuck in an office doing repetitive work.
  • Minimal Schooling:
    A dental hygienist spends lesser time in dental school when compared to a dentist. So you will be receiving your first salary in a short time and would be paying much less tuition fee. To join a dental hygienist school, the requirements are lower than those for other cadres and the average pay is the same.