What Vitamins are Good for Varicose Veins


As well all know that varicose veins are enlarged veins that often affect your legs of both men and women. These are are a common condition and most of the people have this sort of problem; in fact, they feel immense pain and discomfort while walking or sitting; however, fortunately, there is a great selection of treatments, options, therapies as well as vitamins that can help you to treat the problem in a precise manner.

Doctors suggest certain types of mild exercises

Of course, doctors suggest certain types of mild exercises, but at the same time they also suggest a wide range of vitamins and minerals that can help you to manage the condition. All these element altogether can help prevent and treat the issue up to some extent.

According to an institute, vitamin C is the most essential element for patients of varicose. They should take it regularly because it helps in the production of collagen, which ultimately develop collagen as well as elastin. These tissues are vital for people as well as foster healthy veins at the same time. In other words, these elements treat pain, reduce inflammation in the arteries and help people feel better. Moreover, both of these help keep the walls of vein flexible or in other words in good condition.

Vitamin K

On the other hand, vitamin K creams can also be used and can strengthen capillaries in a big way. It is named after the German word for blood clotting; in addition, patients should choose greens vegetables that have positive effect on patients. Patients can take spinach, broccoli, etc or other healthy foods, that are rich in many vitamins.

Today, there are a wide range of elements that are rich in vitamin B. People should also choose balanced diet for better results. It also help help to treat as well as prevent varicose veins. According to an expert, you should have balanced amount of B vitamins, specifically vitamin B12 and B6. Remember, vitamin B3 can help to improve blood circulation and reduces levels of cholesterol.

According to some expert

According to some expert, vitamin E is quite essential for veins because it helps to improve overall circulation. In other words, this vitamin promotes healthy blood flow as well as helps to minimize the stickiness of blood platelets, which is essential for assisting people who are in the high risk category.

In a nutshell

However, doctors also recommend certain special things like drink plenty of water, keep legs elevated, always wear support stockings, indulge in regular exercise, if possible, go for short walks as well as consider a weight loss programme. All these elements are ideal for losing weight as well as gaining strength as well. According to some

doctors, surgical procedure is the only option to consider because it is the best option and risk free too.  If you have any doubt, you can contact –  http://www.incredibleveins. They offer patients a wide range of services, including treatment for varicose veins, vascular, thoracic, etc. They have certified and professional staff.

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