The best way to maintain oral health is to visit your Dental office Caledon regularly for a dental checkup. Sometimes brushing and flossing regularly isn’t enough. Yes, it is crucial that you floss regularly. We are sharing some ways with you that will help to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases and other dental health problems and will help you maintain good oral hygiene. 

Get yourself an electric toothbrush

Though manual toothbrush cleans your teeth well, electric toothbrushes are increasingly becoming a popular choice as they can deep clean which helps to prevent oral health issues like tooth decay and gum diseases. Sonicare and Oral B are some of the options for electric toothbrushes which have a replaceable brush head.

To use an electric toothbrush, press lightly when brushing. Don’t put too much pressure with the electric brush. One done, clean the brush heads with running water or rinsing it without a mouthwash to avoid the build-up of any bacteria. Once the bristles of the brush are out of shape and discoloured, then change the brush head. 

Floss FlossFloss

Flossing regularly helps to remove the extra debris which the toothbrush is unable to reach. It also reduces the chances of cavities, gum disease and improves your oral health overall. Your dentist or oral hygienist could guide you on good flossing techniques which can ensure that you are doing the most you can for your teeth. 

Watch what you consume

What you consume not only has an effect on your body, but also your dental health. Making informed choices can help to prevent oral health issues like tooth decay and gum diseases. Replace your sugary, acidic and sticky foods and beverages with leafy green vegetables, fruits and vegetables rich in fibre, nuts and unsweetened coffee and tea.

Rinse your mouth

Rinsing your mouth is beneficial, especially after you have consumed something highly acidic. Brushing your teeth after that can weaken the enamel of the teeth. You could also use alcohol-free mouthwash to freshen your breath. They are less harsh than the ones which contain alcohol as they can cause dry mouth and gum disease.

Make a commitment towards leading a healthy life

Your overall health and wellness have an impact on your oral health. Take care of your body. If you have been suffering from poor sleep, bleeding gums, sensitivity to hot or cold food, chronic bad breath and poor sleep, then these might be signs of dental health problems. Untreated gum disease can directly be linked to heart diseases, diabetes and other chronic health diseases.

Be proactive about your treatment

Being proactive can help to prevent oral health issues like tooth decay, gum disease and also keep your body healthier for long. When suffering from aches, pains or any other uncomfortable symptoms then get it treated. Don’t wait for the health issues to become intolerable. 


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