The Way a Sex Reassignment Surgery Works


If you are wondering how someone you know wants to transition from one gender to another, then your best option is to keep a check on your curiosity and calm down. You may have all sorts of questions in your mind and literally you will get answers to them here.

How many people are transgender in today’s time?

As per a dedicated research on sexual orientation of a law school, around 700,000 Americans are transgender now. However, there isn’t any national survey done.

How many people opt for sex reassignment surgery?

It is very difficult to find this out. However, every year the number of gender reassignment surgeries conducted in America accounts between 100 to 500. And the number in Thailand is estimated to 5 times bigger. So, you know how the numbers are different in different parts of the world.

How does the procedure of gender change begin?

As per the standards of care followed by WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), the very step in this procedure is to meet a mental health expert for psychotherapy and proper diagnosis. The professional diagnoses gender identity disorder and writes a letter of recommendation to begin the hormone therapy with another physician.

This is then followed by a few sessions of living publicly as an opposite sex member and then the surgery to change the genitalia is conducted.

What is the role of hormones?

Androgens are provided to women to develop secondary male sex specs such as body hair and beard. Estrogen and anti-androgens are offered to men to change their masculine specs, skin and fat distribution and make them look feminine. Body hair lessens with time. After two or three months, the brain and body starts aligning.

What happens once the surgery is done?

Male to female genital surgery is simple, less costly and more successful in comparison to female to male surgery. This is one reason less women choose to get their genital surgery done.

In male to female surgery, the testicles and penis are taken out and the urethra is cut short and some part of the skin is used to design a fully-functional vagina. The prostrates of men are retained.

In female to male surgery, the breast, uterus and ovaries are taken out and surgeries are conducted for the expansion of urethra.

Any other surgeries involved?

Women who want to transition as men go for mastectomy while men who want to transition as women go for plastic surgery to feminize their body.

Is the procedure expensive?

When you opt for SRS surgery, then you spend on a complete range of surgical procedures which may cost around $75000 to more to transition to a man. While switching from male to female costs less around $40000. Some people get it done Thailand as it is renowned for these surgeries and the cost is comparatively very low. Insurance can help you save a lot of money under this situation.

There aren’t any regrets in people once the surgery is done and the people are literally happy ith their new body.

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