Ward Off UTI this Rainy Season without Side Effects


Rain is the right breeding ground for harmful bacteria thereby making people susceptible to multiple diseases during monsoon. As per experts’ opinion, one of the common ailments during this time is urinary tract infection or UTI.  It mostly affects a woman and it occurs whenever the bacteria gets into the urine and then starts to grow as well as spread. This infection then spreads in the opening of the urethra as well as moves towards the urinary tract. If it affects the kidneys then this ailment can turn out to be a serious one.

The researchers have highlighted the fact that nearly 40 percent of women and also 12 percent of men suffer from UTI at some point in time in the life. This ailment is more common in adults than the kids but at least one to two percent kids are afflicted with this disease. Surprisingly, the urinary tract infections in the kids are likely to be more serious than those in the adults.

The UTI does not always show obvious symptoms as well as signs but when they do they include the following:

  •    A persistent as well as strong need to urinate
  •    A burning feeling while urinating
  •    Passing frequent as well as the tiny amount of urine
  •    Passing urine that appears to be cloudy
  •    Passing out urine that appears deep pink and red in color thereby indicating the presence of blood in the urine
  •    Strong and bad smelling urine
  •    A woman often feels acute pain in the middle part of the pelvis or around the area near the pubic bone. A man often experiences acute rectal pain.


People depend on various allopathic medicines for urinary tract infection treatment. Although these drugs cure this infection instantly they usually bring in the side effects and also cause damage to the human beings. There are several home remedies recommended by the experts. For example, drinking plenty of water or other fluids can help to reduce this ailment. This is because proper urination may help to flush out harmful bacteria from the urinary tract to avoid infection.  Fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemon, guava, and rose hips are vital for curing infection thereby increasing the level of acidity in the urine. Also, an effective combination of dandelion leaves, roots and also bearberry leaves can cure this infection. Garlic is rich in antimicrobial ingredients and can help to inhibit the bacterial growth to avoid urinary tract infection. Few studies reveal the fact that the cranberry juice can help to reduce this infection in the best possible way.

Salveo Life Sciences comes up with the best natural cure for UTI

Unlike home remedies that may not always bring in best results, several herbal remedies are recommended by the experts. There are several herbal medicine companies available in India and one such company is Salveo Life Sciences. Interestingly, the age-old Ayurvedic principles are in the application and also creating the good impact on the health and Salveo indeed offers vital herbal medicines for various diseases. Apart from UTI, it also comes up with effective diabetes, indigestion, asthma and natural cough remedies for the people.

Coming to urinary tract infection, Normout syrup is powerful, safe as well as poly herbal formulation prepared from essential medicinal herbs and is completely devoid of harmful chemicals. For example, Tribulus terrestris, an essential herb is rich in diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, antimicrobial properties and helps to ease this infection. It also contains Boerhavia diffusa which also has diuretic ingredients and another herb called Shwet parpati normalizes the urine pH as well as relieves the burning micturition. The right dosage is two teaspoon of Normout syrup on a daily basis or as suggested by the doctor. Use this best remedy for curing urinary tract infection and stay hale and hearty this monsoon.

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