What Do Viruses Have to Deal With Allergic Asthma?


Before getting into the details, let me clear some basic facts according to the new data. So, let us start!

According to the research held in the US, 70% of children and 30% of adults are suffering from asthma in this year till now. I know you must be thinking that what is new in it. The main fact is that these people have suffered from the acute worsening of symptoms.

According to a new epidemiological research for asthma, there are several viruses, which are responsible for increasing asthma-related problems. Development of asthma and allergic sensitization are the two main problems, which has appeared in most of the people.

According to new reports, it is has been proved that the incidence of asthma are on the high rise and increasing year after year. This has been observed by examining the new figures obtained by the newer research.

According to a new research, it has been observed that viruses are responsible for asthma in 20% of children and asthma in 14% of all aged people.

According to a new virology research, 5-10% of people are showing allergic disorders with clinical findings such as asthma, hay fever, allergic rhinitis etc.

Now, the facts are enough to talk and we are starting with the introduction of allergic asthma. Allergic asthma is the lung disease characterized by the mucus hyper secretion, airway inflammation, airway hyper reactivity in response to the allergens, which are inhaled such as fungal spores, moulds, dust mite, pollens. According to virology journal, this allergic asthma has shown the drastic changes in prevalence of asthma and various other allergic diseases. These diseases have become the major problems in the whole world, affecting the most of the people. Systemic allergic reactions, severe asthma and other allergic diseases are becoming the threat to the lives of most of the people.

According to case reports journal, a new research was carried out in the UK where it was proved that 30% of the population was suffering from the asthma. Though, some people were suffering from hay fever, some people were suffering from allergic rhinitis but most of the population was suffering from severe asthma and the asthma was getting severe day by day. Some people were able to get over the disease with the special drugs invented with the newer research. According to this research, a part of the population was treated with the antiviral drugs and other part of the population was treated with the vaccinations. These drugs were able to kill the virus with the special drug delivery system.

This has also been proved that purification of air has been treated a lot of people. Air sterilizers and air purifiers are being able to reduce the risk of airway diseases in the most of the part of population. In the nutshell, there are several newer techniques which are getting revolutionized with the increasing time and  trust me! These techniques will also become popular in the upcoming days.

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