Uses and Advantages of Laparoscopic Instruments


Laparoscopy is a computerized way do surgery which includes computerized designing of laparoscopic instruments and microprocessor safety features. These are the modern ways of surgery which are used for small time surgeries and these are easy for surgeons to conduct and use too.

Laparoscopic instruments includes following instruments-

  • Laparoscope- these are basically used when a surgery has to be done in the abdominal wall.
  • Needle driver- these are used for closing of the wounds. It has same role as hemostat.
  • Trocar- these are used in blood cavities for draining of fluids. These have same role as graspers and scissors.
  • Bowel grasper- these are used by surgeons to grasp certain abdominal tissues. They facilitate biopsy and observation procedures.
  • Surgical mesh- this is an important instrument used in laparoscopy as these are used for scaffolding a tissues. They are of different kinds. These are used for repairing hernias or any other treatment of musculoskeletal system defects.

These instruments are used for these following purposes like-

  • diagnosis of certain cancers especially in ovary, cervix and uterus
  • treatment for pelvic prolapsed
  • treatment for urinary incontinence
  • removal of lymph nodes, ovarian cyst, uterus and fibroids
  • used in ectopic pregnancy
  • diagnosis of infertility
  • causes and treatment of pelvic diseases and endometriosis

Benefits of using these instruments are-

  • it leads to only small scars
  • can be discharged from the hospital sooner
  • less pain while the surgery
  • less pain in healing the scars quickly
  • can get back to normal life with daily activities after only few days of the surgery
  • internal scarring is less
  • reduced rate for infection after the surgery

Many of the hospitals are initiating this process of using laparoscopy and its instruments which is advantageous to both the doctors and patients.

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