TVF12 coils and it’s variants and unique features of TFV8 Vape


We all know that smoking kills and the best alternate these days for smoking is vaping.In vaping we inhale phytotoxin instead of tobacco and  it is same hand to mouth process as in cigarette.

 Now for vaping you need  a vaping device which is also  called E cigarette(electronic ends nicotine system of delivery),E Vapporiser,this is a electronic, battery operated device.

Vaping device consist of following elements :

  • A cartridge :which contain nicotine and flavoring agent.
  • A  battery  that provides power.
  • A mouth piece used for inhaling.
  • Atomizer, which is a heating element. It consist of a coil and one of the best coil is TFV12 coil which gives you huge flavor and dense clouds.TFV12coil is best coil as compare to traditional coil and it produces dense cloud area.

Unique feature of TFV8 vape

TFV8 vape is a cloud beast that improves the cloud creating capacity in your vaping 

TFV8 vapehas a capacity of 6ml e-liquid with a diameter of 24 mm and a height of 50mm.  TFV8 vape is made of Stainless Steel with a wide bore Derlin Drip tip. 

TFV12 coil is comes in different variant.

  • TFV12 Prince M4, a quadrupole 0.17ohm coil with battery usage of 30 to 70 Watt. 
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince MESH coil, a. 0.15 ohm coil with battery usage of 50 to 80 watt.
  • TFV12 Price Tripple Mesh coil, a 0.15 ohm coil with battery usage of 60-100 watt.
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince Q4 coil, a 0.4 ohm quadrupole coil with battery usage of 60-80 watt.
  • SMOK TFV12 prince STRIP Coil, A 0.15 ohm coil with battery usage of 40-100watts
  • SMOK TFV12 prince T10 Coil, a 0.12ohm coil with battery usage of 60 to 120 watt.
  • SMOK TFV12 prince T10 red light coil, A  0.12 ohm coil with a battery usage of 60 to 120 watt.
  • SMOKTFV12 Prince X2 coil ,a 0.4ohm dual coil with a battery usage of 40 to 80 watts.
  • SMOK TFV12prince X6 spec, a 0.15ohm sextuple coil with battery usage of 50 to 120 watts.

Now having the TFV12 Coil you might want to last it for a long as TVF12 coils gives you high vaper production and helps you get perfect flavour.  Not Taking proper care of TVF12 coil will lead to extensive burning in no time. For moderate vaper a coil lasts for almost 2 weeks.

To make your TFV12Coil last longer follow the  points given below:-

  • Priming of coil :- In this saturate the Wick of your TFV12replacement coil with E liquid, keep it stable for some time after that set it in your tank. Now take some hits without litting the device. By this you will know that the wick is fully saturated.
  • Hardware compatible to TFV12 replacement coil should be used:-As TFV12 replacement coil is made specially for SMOK TFV12 cloud beast King Sub – Ohm tank. Using this coil with some other Tank will not give you the desired result. These coils are designed for high watts, using it with low wattage will not give you the desired results.
  • Be in the wattage range suggested:-Every coil has a unique wattage range.Vaping  outside that range can lead to complete damage of the coil.

These suggestions will let you get satisfying result from your TFV12 coils and last them for a long time.


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