Top Health Benefits of Using a Double Adjustable Bed



A double adjustable bed is recognised as one of the very best ways in which to get a comfortable and well rested night’s sleep. Being well rested has additional benefits, such as improving the quality of your health. Here are some of the major benefits that come with using an adjustable bed.

Helps to Alleviate Back Pain

In many cases, back pain can stem from the improper dispersal of pressure or the incorrect support for the spine. This then leads to pressure being put on the sciatic nerve, which in turn causes back pain. It’s also common to experience back pain as we age as the spinal discs become thinner due to a normal loss of fluid which then makes the vertebrae lose some of its cushioning. An adjustable bed frame allows you to move the mattress to a position that feels comfortable, and that will take the pressure off your spine.

Improves Blood Circulation, Helps with Heart Issues

Pre-existing or newly developed heart conditions can be exacerbated by sleeping on a traditional mattress with a flat frame. The heart needs to maintain regular circulation of oxygenated blood, this can become more strenuous when lying down. A traditional mattress lacks the proper pressure and support required for your body, this therefore increases the workload of the heart whilst you’re sleeping – with an adjustable bed, circulation can be made easier and the heart can do its job with more efficiency.

Helps with Swelling

For those who suffer with fluid retention and swelling, elevation is a must. Many medical professional recommend that their patients who suffer from swelling to invest in an adjustable bed in order to be able to control their leg elevation – primarily so their legs can be elevated above the level of their heart.

Reduces Pain in Joints and Ligaments

Over 350 million people worldwide deal with some form of arthritic pain on a daily basis. People who live with arthritis can find comfort and relief when using an adjustable bed. The main goal for pain relief when it comes to arthritis or other joint pain is to alleviate the pressure being put on your joints. The disease already cause inflammation, which creates joint tenderness and pressure – so the added pressure from daily life only adds to this. Adjustable beds can be moved into ergonomic positions, which aid with getting in and out of bed, reducing the pressure on your joints.

Increases Accessibility

Some individuals have to stay in bed for extended periods of time, such as those with mobility issues. Whilst it is possible to do some things whilst laying on a flat mattress, trying to complete many everyday tasks is a big struggle. An adjustable bed lets individuals find their independence and they can accomplish many tasks whilst receiving the proper spinal support.

Offers Multiple Levels of Comfort

Sometimes, a good night’s rest simply comes down to the comfort factor. Adjustable beds can often be moved into any position you can think of – you can try them all to find the best one for your individual comfort.

Helps the Discomfort Associated with Pregnancy

As many women who have gone through pregnancy will know, finding a comfortable sleeping position can feel impossible. Being able to adjust the bed to find that sweet sleeping position is a wonderful way to alleviate the aches and pains, and to finally provide comfort.

Helps Improve Digestion

For those who find themselves snacking or eating full meals close to bedtime, lying flat can cause lots of digestion related problems. Sleeping on a flat surface can often cause heartburn and indigestion. This is commonly known as reflux of acid reflux – this can sometimes be mistaken for issues with the heart as it causes a burning sensation within the chest. Sitting or sleeping in an elevated position helps to prevent acid reflux and can aid in the digestive process.


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