Top 5 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth?


Many might wonder how much regular healthy food can affect teeth. But the consumption of any food substance in large amounts can be harmful in nature. Even good food essential for intake of nutrients can cause issues like cavities, decay, teeth erosion and many such problems.

So here’s a take on some foods that must be taken in control:

Citrus fruits

Though citrus fruits are the main source of Vitamin C, their acidic content can cause major teeth issues. It affects the teeth enamel causing it to erode and demineralize. Though teeth enamel is strong, there are some softened areas which are sensitive.

This is applicable to almost all citrus fruits but there are a few exceptions like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons that can be eaten to increase your Vitamin C intake.   


If ice is only water in solid form, why is it harmful to your teeth? The enamel of the teeth is suitable for munching food only. Though it can definitely relieve you from a dry mouth, it is advisable to squash it in lemonade. Due to its hard exterior, ice may cause one’s teeth to chip or may require future dental fillings.

Potato chips

It is not just sweet substances that cause one’s teeth to erode. Even the starch content in potato chips that’s converted to sugar gets lodged between your teeth, making your teeth susceptible to unnecessary plaque.  

Carbonated drinks

Most people have the habit of sipping in carbonated drinks on a daily basis. Though you drink it to keep yourself hydrated, it affects your teeth enamel in a very negative manner. While fruit juices affect only the outer layer of teeth, the enamel, soda drinks can go up to the next layers, causing cavities in your teeth.

Sour candies

It is no lie that candies have a negative impact on your teeth. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you might munch onto one on a regular basis. But do you know these candies have the capacity to stick to your teeth which may lead to decay?

However, we cannot completely avoid the above-listed foods but yes; we can definitely control and limit our consumption. Because munching the above food with poor dental habits may lead you to require dental treatments. And, Clinique Dentaire Malka is the best place to resort to when something unwanted happens to your oral hygiene.

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