Tips of Maintaining a Well-Toned Body Using Pilates on Fifth


A wedding is a special day. It is natural for the bride to want to appear her best on her wedding day. Undoubtedly, if the bride appears to be fit, she will feel confident and feel like a modern-day princess which always makes the wedding day memorable.

There are many gyms, and work-outs that a brides can try but if you want results, get toned and strong core, PilatesonFifth NYC is the way to go. 

Tips of Maintaining a Well-Toned Body

Following are some of the ways in which the bride can use Pilates to keep herself well-toned on her wedding:-
The bride can use the Pilates band to tone her shoulders.
She can accentuate her back muscles through stretching or by using the Pilates equipment.
She can also reduce her body fat by doing regular Pilates exercises.

Health Benefits of Pilates on Fifth 

The Pilates on Fifth has a range of health benefits and they are as follows:-
Enhanced muscle strength.
Well-toned muscles.
Improved muscle flexibility.
Toning of abdominal muscles, lower back, buttocks, and hips.
It helps to attain balanced muscular strength on either side of the body.

Pilates on Fifth NYC, maintains its own online workouts as well called PilatesOnFifthOnline, where it highlights hundreds of classes for you to try. The founders of Pilates On Fifth NYC, Kimberly and Katherine Corp, just launched their new book Pilates for Beginners where readers can learn step by step pilate workouts. For additional details on Pilates on Fifth NYC, visit You can also use to subscribe to the business.

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