The Best Fitness Program You Don’t Need to Buy


If you are awake very late at night or very early in the morning, you will see many different exercise programs being sold. Each program says that they have the best product, wrapped up in the form of DVDs, memberships or food programs. If you are in dire need of getting in shape, you can save your cash. If you can walk, you already own the best exercise tool. Walking is a key to good health.

Walking works your muscles all over your body and is great cardiovascular work for your heart. Studies have shown that a good brisk walk is as healthy for you as running. Walking is easier on your joints and connective tissue and provides sufficient stimulation to your muscles to create growth.

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To make your walk productive, you should dress comfortably and dress for the weather.  You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive workout clothing. Just wear clothing that is loose fitting enough not to impinge the movement of your legs. A pair of sweatpants would probably be more comfortable for you than a tight pair of jeans. If the weather is cold, dress in layers, to hold in your body heat.

Go with a dog if you can. Dogs can have a sense of joy in a good walk which can be infectious. Consider getting a tennis ball thrower from a store like PetSmart. You might not be able to keep up with your dog, but you can give it plenty of exercise by throwing a ball a very long way for them to chase.

Make it a habit to walk every day. This can be easier if you set aside a certain time of day where it is convenient for you to walk. This might be when you first wake up in the morning, at lunch, or when you get home from work. Keep a log of when you walk, for how long and for what distance. Your log may show you that walking is more comfortable for you at one time a day or other. Just keep it up and you will get in better shape every day.

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