Surfing is truly a fitness booster


Surfing is a great sport for fun and fitness basis. However, if your physical condition is not good then don’t be disappointed. Firstly, you have to start paddling on your surfboard. The incoming wave is the point where you can start. You can easily spot best place where there are high waves and then start to surf. You will have to spend good resting time to catch the waves

Surfers have to stay motivated when wave comes because that is the time when you must be alert and ready. Surfers must also maintain their physical condition for better surfing. So, understanding surfing fitness is actually the fitness of whole body and if any of the conditions go wrong then you have to wait for it to heal. However, with surfing one can easily maintain the shape and heath of the body.

Physical fitness-  

In surfing, generating strength is very important like in other types of sports. Before you join surfing your must be in shape and there are many exercises like push ups, breathing squats, single side leg rotation body and so on that are helpful in it. It also helps to keep away anxiety which is very helpful while surfing.

One more simple recommendations for understanding surfing fitness is to keep your body hydrated because it helps in increasing power. So, it’s very important to drink lots of water. You also need to stretch your body when you move ahead for surfing. If you love to surf, then these are the benefits-

  • It boosts your aerobic fitness
  • Helps to improve muscle power
  • Improves and strengths the endurance
  • Injury prevention
  • Effective tissue thickness

If you’re are swimmer then you must know surfing is fun but risky as well. Take it as fitness booster or else practice a lot to become surfing professional. There are many instructions that can be learnt from internet or by the instructor. Forget the fatty foods like cookies, burgers and drinks like alcohol, caffeine and always stick with lots of water that keeps you hydrated. Eat real food like fruits, vegetables and also balance your diet.

Follow the intervals for surfing and keep it aligned with your routine and this will provide better results. For better grip over this try to move with perfect approach and tactics and if possible be under supervision at beginning stages. So surfing is always better as a sport and it is a great fitness dose as well.

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