Are you sure your floors are clean?


Your floor gleams like a mirror – but is it totally germ-free? Make sure that it is with Dettol floor cleaner solution.

The daily rush of life leaves you with little time to give your house a thorough scrub every day. When you do undertake cleaning, it is to wipe all the visible surfaces, clean out the dust and grime, and wipe dirty surfaces with soap and water.

But have you cleaned the floor thoroughly?

A dirty floor is not just an eyesore, it is a playground for germs and infectious microbes. These germs and dirt are then transferred to your shoes and feet when you walk on the floor, or to your body and hands if you lie down or sit on the bare floor. You might sweep and mop the floor with a floor cleaner every day, but this only removes visible dust. The germs on the floor are still present and they have the potential to cause a range of illnesses.

So the next time your floor gleams post-mopping, ask yourself, ‘Is it free of germs?’ If you’re not sure, you should use Dettol disinfectant liquid just to be safe.

Why Dettol disinfectant liquid?

The Dettol disinfectant liquid is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used to great effect on a variety of household surfaces, and also human skin. Its primary purpose is to kill germs proliferating on the surfaces that it comes in contact with. The liquid can kill 99.9% germs, so when you use it as a floor cleaner, you can be sure that your floor is not just spotless but also completely rid of germs.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly to ensure that there is no dirt or dust on the floor.
  • Mix a capful of Dettol floor cleaner in 1 litre of clean cold water to mop the floor. Do not add any other cleaner to the water. After mopping, let the floor air dry and do not wipe down with another duster or mop.
  • Dettol floor cleaner must be used for daily cleaning all around the year to ensure that the floors are free of harmful germs and dirt.

Other uses for Dettol disinfectant liquid

  • Like mentioned earlier, Dettol disinfectant liquid has multiple uses. Apart from cleaning the floors, it can be used in diluted form to wash or wipe down kitchen surfaces, furniture items (not wood or polished items), and the kitchen and bathroom for complete disinfection.
  • You can use Dettol disinfectant liquid before shaving your face, or washing your scalp in case you suffer from dandruff or an oily scalp. It kills the germs on the skin and keeps your hair and skin in good health.
  • Dettol liquid should be used to wash the laundry when there is a sick person in the house. Add the liquid as directed in the last wash in the washing machine, or soak the clothes in water infused with Dettol liquid.

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