Signs you have Dandruff


Most of the people are unaware of the fact that they have dandruff. They are suffering from dandruff. You may feel we have written a wrong statement here, when we say “suffering from dandruff”, but the truth is that if you look at dandruff like some sort of an illness, you do understand that you actually suffer from it and not just have it. It is not easy for you to get rid of dandruff and the worst part is that you get it over and over again, if you are unable to take care of your head in the correct manner.

Dandruff causes major hair loss. Of course, you can use Nizoral hairloss to kick off the problem of hair loss, but you must know whether you really have it. Let us go through the list that talks about the signs that prove you have dandruff on your head:

  • Whenever you wear dark or black clothes, you have white flakes on your shoulders. This is not only a bad, but also a very embarrassing thing.
  • Your scalp is very itchy and despite looking for lice, you haven’t found it at all. It is a proof that you have dandruff. Whenever you itch, check your shoulders – do you have white flakes all over you?
  • There are noticeable rashes all over your eyebrows, ears as well as nose. These rashes take place because of hair dandruff on your head.
  • You have rashes in your beard. You may think it is a casual thing, but if it is a constant thing, it is definitely because of dandruff.

Getting rid of dandruff is very important as it disturbs the quality and quantity of your hair. If you want beautiful hair, you need to take care of your head as a whole.

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