Signs you Need Individual Counseling


If you have recently read about individual counseling somewhere and are thinking about going for it, you may wish to be very sure about it. After all, you are going to spend some money on paying the fee of the counselor and thus, you don’t want to do it just like that. You want to know whether you are really in desperate need of such counseling. The moment you learn about it, you are sure whether you really want to invest money and time into it or not.

So, what are the signs that are shrieking in silence? Here is the list:

  • You have no clue about what to do in your life; everything seems quite aimless, no matter what you do. Of course, you have a job that helps you survive, but you are not sure whether you are really doing what you truly want.
  • Your relationships suck all the time. Excuse our language, but this is definitely what you are currently going through. That’s not all – you are unable to understand about this “weird pattern” of people you are meeting. It is like you are meeting the same kind of people all the time and you have no idea why. You want to break this pattern but have no solution to do so.
  • You have problems with everyone you meet. It is not that the whole world is bad; it is just that there is so much within you that you are just not able to get along well with others. You need someone to talk to. You want to spend time with someone who can listen to you.
  • Lastly, you have a few secrets that are disturbing you the most. These are the things you need to speak about with someone and that’s where the counselor comes into the picture.

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