Signs your Loved One has Bipolar Disorder


There are bipolar disorder clinical trials that can be referred to in order to learn more about this problem. However, if you have no idea about what a bipolar disorder is, you might want to learn about it, first.

A bipolar disorder is a terrible mental condition that is noticed by alternating periods of depression and elation. You’d notice a person changing his or her moods in no time at all. One minute a person is completely happy and over-excited and the very next moment he is depressed or sad about everything about him.

If you have a doubt whether a loved one of yours is going through this disorder, you might want to learn about the top signs. Here are the signs you have to look for in your loved one to find out whether he or she is bipolar:

  • The person has extreme mood swings. You are just not able to realize what’s wrong with the person. There is no reason and yet they seem depressed. On the other hand, there is no reason and yet they seem over-excited.
  • The person is highly short-tempered. Even if there is something that’s not meant to hurt anyone in the room, it hurts them. They are highly sensitive and thus, their reactions are unacceptable by everyone.
  • There is some sort of a guilt that the person expresses over and over again, even though they are not at fault. Despite trying to convince them, they are just not able to understand that they are not the one who has done anything wrong for any kind of situation.
  • The person has irrelevant, unwanted and negative thoughts all throughout the day. They are unable to get along with the others in the group because of their depressing thoughts.

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