When is the right time to consult a fertility specialist?


Congratulations, if you have made an appointment with a fertility specialist, you have taken another step on the journey to pregnancy. You will learn what kind of help a doctor can provide, how to talk to your doctor, what questions to ask and what to expect when you go to an infertility clinic.If you have had sex for 12 months and have not had sex and are not pregnant yet, you may be infertile because you seem to be the usual criteria for the definition of infertility. It’s time to consult your family doctor. Women over 37 years old should not wait six months before seeing a doctor, as prolonged waiting times may affect their chances of conception.

How to ask for help

A fertility specialist can help you by giving you the advice to maximise the chance of your fertility chances, pathological consultation of your infertility issues, advising such treatments based on the problem and learning about the process of diagnosis of procedure to which you will submit. You should consider consulting a doctor if you want to get pregnant and are worried about your infertility. You could not get a pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected and regular sex, you could not become pregnant after six months of unprotected and regular sex, and you have had three spontaneous abortions or more in a row.

Is it possible that you have a fertility problem?

If you are trying to conceive a child, you may be wondering how long it would take for you to get pregnant and when you should start worrying about your fertility. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine precisely how long it takes for you to get pregnant. This period varies for each couple and depends on your age, your health, the contraceptive method you used before trying to conceive a child and the coordination of your sexual relations with ovulation.

Conclusion: infertility specialists

However, you may want to see a doctor sooner if you are concerned about your fertility, especially if you or your partner has any of the factors that may put you at increased risk. To learn more about when to see your doctor and how to prepare for your visit, read the articles on the internet, blogs and search the best infertility center near you.

In general, the odds of getting pregnant are,

  • 30% after the first month
  • 60% after about three months
  • 80% after about six months
  • 85% after about one year
  • 91% after nearly three years

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