The right Supply for the CBD Oil


Several major suppliers are presenting false claims about CBD oil and cancer. To mislead people who are in need of traditional treatment with false information is not okay. The fact that CBD is of interest to researchers because of its failed ability to fight cancer should not be confused with the fact that the preparation should be provided effective.

CBD Treats cancer

Above all, one of the major suppliers in the UK market is now going out hard with carefully selected research that strengthens their claims that CBD is fighting cancer, without mentioning that in at least as many studies it has been shown that medical cannabis can have no or opposite effect. Above all! The clinical studies done on CBD and Cancer have used extreme amounts of the active substances in comparison with what you get in a bottle of Canabis Oil cbd on the UK market. So what really applies when it comes to CBD oil and Cancer?

First and foremost about Cannabis

Cannabis has been used by people for thousands of years, both for medical and intoxication purposes. The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids, of which these are two major cannabinoids identified:

  • Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) – Illegal in many parts of the world and in Sweden
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – Legal in many parts of the world including in Sweden.

There are some medicines available on the market that originates from cannabis, such as Sativex, which is used for multiple sclerosis (MS). Furthermore, there is Nabilone, which is sometimes used for illness caused by chemotherapy.

Because of the mixed results, the general feeling of experts is that there needs to be more research on chemicals found in cannabis and their potential benefits.

CBD oil at Cancer

Many people who happen to find themselves or someone with a cancer related to cancer resort to alternative medicine, especially if conventional treatments are not successful. This is understandable, of course we want to try with everything that might help treat the Cancer,

There are a number of examples where people say that the use of CBD oil has had a dramatic effect on their health. But these are individual stories and not based on clinical studies. If you are considering using CBD oil, we suggest that you ALWAYS talk to your healthcare professional first.

CBD oil as medicine

It is no question that CBD oil is an interesting dietary supplement and medicine, and we are confident that the various health benefits that are currently being investigated will result in very good results. But to claim that it is a miracle cure that solves all problems is not true. If you want to read about the areas that the CBD oil might help you and your health, please check out our article “Research on the effects of CBD oil?”

Is CBD oil legitimate?

CBD oil, as most items produced using cannabidiol, is lawful in France and in a huge piece of the European Union,UK including. Nevertheless, the hexagonal enactment has many hazy areas. Essentially, we can say that CBD showcasing and utilization is permitted (as CBD oil, glue, sweets, seeds, e-fluid) while THC stays illicit in all conditions. Items that contain over 0.2% THC are not permitted.

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