Rampant caries in various age groups and treatment



Rampant caries is kind of dental problem which occur suddenly. They are rapidly burrowing type of caries which result in the early growth of pulp. General dentistry Kleinburg has found that such caries is caused due to poor diet or weak enamel. Various other factors are also involved. It’s mainly seen in young teenagers with a rare occurrence in adult and kids.

Now, let us find out the types of rampant caries:

  • Nursing bottle rampant caries
  • Adolescent rampant caries
  • Xerostomia- It is an induced rampant caries

Causes of Rampant Caries:

When dental caries is present in more than 10 teeth, it is stated as rampant caries. General dentistry Kleinburg mentions below reasons for its occurrence:

  • Frequent intake of sweet, sticky food or those having more sugar content can lead to rampant caries.
  • If water intake is very less as it leads to less flow of saliva, you can get rampant caries.
  • It may also occur due to genetic reasons.

Rampant Caries in the various age group

  1. Toddlers- When your child is having milk before bedtime, he or she can develop rampant caries easily. It is a severe dental problem which is found among kids living in socially disadvantaged communities. In such areas, malnutrition is a major issue. General dentistry Kleinburg recognizes that as soon as the child starts getting teeth, they are prone to rampant caries. It has various names such as baby bottle tooth decay, early childhood caries and such. It mainly starts with upper teeth and gradually grows in other teeth. You can see white spots in the gum line.
  2. Adolescent- During adolescence, children have the habit to keep chocolates, toffees, and biscuits in their mouth. Later on, they forget to eat it and go to sleep. This results in adolescent rampant caries. It results in pain and infection which prevents children from going to school. This is preventive if sugar intake is reduced.
  3. Adults- Reduced salivary flow and reduced tooth remineralization result in rampant caries in adults. It is generally a condition of dry mouth. As discussed above, it is scientifically termed as Xerostomia.

Treatment of Rampant Caries

Age of the patient, the extent to which the decay has reached, the patient’s ability to overcome the treatment process is certain factors which decided how fruitful the treatment can be. It also depends if the patient is eager to change the habits such as going with a proper diet.

To treat rampant caries, General dentistry Kleinburg removes disease region of the tooth. Next, the filling is done to strengthen the tooth. In much sever cases, crown or root canal treatment is performed. Post-treatment it is advised to have proper oral hygiene and a balanced diet.

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