An Overview of Occupational Therapy


People across the globe suffer from a lot of diseases most of which are basically physical. The importance of Mental Health has been coming up as a major goal in the world since the last couple of years. Most of which mental diseases and health issues can easily be solved with help. One of such help or therapy which is sure to cure some major health issues related to mental health or any disability as of the recent trend is occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy is mostly used in order to improve the health issues of a variety of age groups not restricting to just one.

The basic work frame of occupational therapy is, it indulges into the concept of recovering for helping the patients with the bait of various different kinds of activities for occupational jobs. Here are a few places where occupational therapy plays an integral and important part:

Children and Youth

The basic problem with the kids of today’s generation is that mental health effects them. occupational therapy is a branch of science that together aims to provide a better living and better skill development in the lives of these kids and youth who are suffering from various kinds of disabilities or mental health issues or even severe disease like autism. Occupational therapists encourage kids to participate in daily activities so that they come out of their shield and strive for a skillful future.

Mental Health and Wellness Programs

It cannot be denied that mental health as of today’s day is an important and integral part of the lives of many people across the globe. The people who are more probable to anxiety and depression can any day seek help with the process of occupational therapy [terapi okupasi, which is the term in Indonesia]. Various wellness programs have been erected all around the globe so that people are aware of themselves and join the program which allows them to feel a lot freer.

Adult Rehabilitation and Old Age

Another sphere where extensive use of occupational therapy has been witnessed since the past couple of years is in adult rehabilitation and old age. People from the old age are the most probable who are suffering from major diseases like amnesia and need help. With the help of an occupational therapist, various diseases that include memory loss can easily be put to the bay. Autism and Down syndrome can also be a part of this.

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