An overview of the important type of neurosurgery


In the domain of neurosurgery brain surgery does have an important role to play. When it comes to brain surgery it involves repairs to structural aspects of the human brain. Always opt for the best neurosurgery doctor in India because it works out to be a complex type of surgery. Various aspects of brain surgery are there, but it would depend upon the area of the brain and the condition that is likely to be treated.  Recent advancements of technology have made it possible to conduct the surgery without even having to opt for a single incision.

You need to take note of the fact that brain surgery is a complex and critical process. This is a type of brain surgery that is going to depend upon the condition that is being treated. The surgeons have to be really careful and deal with each situation on a case to case basis.

The various types of brain surgery

Numerous types of brain surgeries are there. To a large extend it does depend upon the problem that is being treated. Let us now go through them in details


In this surgery you go on to make an incision in the scalp and a hole referred to as bone flap is created on the skull. The incision along with the hole is made where you need to treat the tumour

It depends upon the brain surgery as the surgeon may opt for

  • Remove tumours or the abnormal brain tissue
  • Draining of fluid or blood from an infection

Once the procedure is complete, the bone flap is secured with plates, wires or sutures. In case of brain swelling or tumour the hole can even be left open. When you leave the whole open it is known as craniotomy


Here a small portion of the tissue is being removed so that you can view it under a microscope. A whole and small incision is being made in the skull.

Endoscopic surgery

Here the surgeon is going to remove lesions or tumours via your nose or sinuses. Without opting for an incision it allows you to reach out to the various regions of the brain. During the procedure you use an endoscope that is basically a telescopic device connected with a camera and lights so that the surgeon can observe what they are working upon. The type of tumours the doctor generally operates on the pituitary gland, or the base of the skull.

On similar lines the doctors go on to use endoscopes so as to remove brain tumours. The surgeon is likely to make small dim sized holes so that they are able to access various portions of your brain during the course of surgery.

Deep brain stimulation

Just like biopsy this procedure involves incorporating a small hole at the back of your skull. What happens is that instead of removing a small piece of tissue, the surgeon is going to insert a small electrode and this is going to be connected with a battery on a chest like a pacemaker. Electrical signals are likely to be sending across to deal with symptoms of various disorders.

The risks that you come across with brain surgery

Just like any other form of surgery with brain surgery there are definite risks as well. Some of the type of risks that you come across is

  • Infection
  • Risk of bleeding
  • A swelling of the brain
  • Blood clot
  • Infection at the wound site or at the brain
  • Problems with memory

Preparation of a brain surgery

The doctor is going to guide you in a comprehensive manner on how to prepare yourself for the surgery. Do discuss with them the medications you are taking and this includes over the counter medicines along with herbal supplements. Sometimes before a few days of the procedure you might have to stop taking those medicines. Do discuss with your doctor if you have allergies and also mention to them if you are into alcohol or smoking.

With a special soap you might have to wash your hair before the surgery. Ensure that you carry all your essential belongings with you before you reach the hospital.

Following up after a brain surgery

The post recovery period with a brain tumour surgery does assume a lot of importance in the first place. Just after the surgery you will be closely monitored to figure out whether everything is in order after the surgery. You are likely to be in a seated position so that the brain or the face does not swell after a surgery.

The course of recovery would depend upon the type of procedure you have undertaken. With regards to a hospital stay it would be to the tune of hardly a week or so at the most. At the same time the length of the hospital stay is going to depend on how the body is coping to the demands of the surgery. At this point of time you are going to be on pain medications.

Once you are leaving home from the hospital the doctor is going to explain the next set of procedures. If you have a surgical wound it will guide you on how you plan to take care of it.

India is a favourite destination for the medical tourists

India has emerged to be one of the front runners in the domain of medical tourism. The main reason to this would be cost effective treatments are provided. If you compare it to the advanced countries of the world the same cost of undertaking the surgery in India would cost you considerably less. A general feeling of the people is that low cost means lack on the quality aspect. But this is not the case as some of the best surgeons of the world are found in India. Even the doctors who are practicing in India are of the highest calibre. They assure positive outcomes with the complications being on the lesser side.

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