Do I Need a Prescription to Purchase an Oxygen Concentrator?


For people in need of oxygen therapy, whether for sleep apnea or a respiratory disease, an oxygen concentrator can provide convenience and portability. These devices are smaller and more easily transported than large oxygen tanks, which are not practical for many people.

In fact, many oxygen concentrators are battery operated and come with FAA approval, making it possible for patients to travel via air for the first time.

Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

Not only are oxygen concentrators compact and portable, but they also alleviate patient worries about running out of air.

Compared to oxygen tanks, which must be constantly monitored and replaced, and oxygen concentrator uses the surrounding air as a source, compressing it and delivering it in concentrated amounts to the user.

Getting an Oxygen Concentrator Prescription

Because an oxygen concentrator is a medical device, a physician’s prescription is always required for anyone attempting to purchase one. However, the process by which you can get a prescription may be easier than if you were attempting to get a traditional oxygen tank.

For concentrators, the supplier may be able to work directly with your physician to request and quickly obtain approval, potentially saving you a visit or phone call to your physician’s office.

Just be sure to work with a reputable oxygen concentrator supplier like William Bros. Health Care Pharmacy. We can help you understand the mechanics of your concentrator, answer questions about its use, and provide information about proper maintenance and upkeep necessary to protect the product’s manufacturer warranty.

We can also point you toward a reliable concentrator, such as the Simplygo Portable Oxygen Concentrator, which can provide high concentrations of oxygen supplementation.

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