All You Need to Know About the Substance Use Disorders


Substance abuse generally occurs because of frequent consumption of alcohol or drugs. This substance use disorders are very dangerous. If you find any of your friends or family members struggling with substance abuse then take them to a good rehab centre as early as possible. When people get addicted to alcohol or drugs their life becomes worse.

These people generally look depressed most of the time. They don’t care their family, relationships, friends and job. You should help them by motivating these people all the time. You should help them understand that there are so many things to enjoy in their life. Using drugs and alcohol can make your brain stop working. This will affect your body very badly. There are so many sites online where you can learn more about the substance use disorders. Check such sites to understand how it is going to be exactly.

Substance Use Disorder – Types

The following are different types of substance use disorders which you should know.

Drugs Use Disorder

This generally refers to the recurrent usage of prescription medications and illegal drugs. Steroids, heroin, cocaine are some of the highly addictive drugs. These drugs cause severe damage to your brain and body. Some of the signs of drugs use disorder include –

  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Weight Loss
  • Missing Money
  • Missing Valuables
  • Looks Depressed
  • Looks weak
  • Neglected Hygiene
  • Untidy Appearance
  • Rude Attitude

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol is also one of the commonly abused substances. People with this disorder lose control over them. They generally behave in a strange way. Remember, heavy drinking can affect your body very badly. Some of the signs of alcohol use disorder include –

  • Stays Alone
  • Mood Swings
  • Drinking Alone
  • Memory Loss

Visit a good rehab centre immediately to find a solution for your problem!

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