All You Need To Know About Probiotics And Weight Loss


There is a lot of pressure today on individuals concerning their weight. Let’s be honest; we all have stumbled upon magazines with top models on the front page, the comparison between yourself and the model can literally depress you. We all have the target weight that we aim to achieve, and the use of probiotics could simply be what we have been missing.

The body anatomy is amazing. Can you imagine that there are millions of bacteria living inside you? I mean, you are simply a home to many of them! Well, there are both useful and harmful bacteria. The harmful bacteria if they overpower our immune system are well known to cause diseases. Helpful bacteria, on the other hand, improve our digestive system and boost our immune system among other benefits.

What are Probiotics

In our bodies, Probiotics are helpful bacteria that keep our gut healthy. The use of probiotics has gained popularity recently, and most people are now able to include them in their diet as supplements or by eating fermented foods.  Remember, probiotics for weight loss is not the only advantage as they also prevent ailments such as cancer, autism, diabetes, depression among others.

Probiotic Foods

There are many probiotic foods that you can incorporate in your diet including;

  •    Yogurt- You might be used to taking yogurt on a daily but necessarily don’t know the benefits it has on your gut wellness. It contains bifidobacteria and lactic acid which are categorized as healthy bacteria. However, with the many flavors of yogurt in the market today, not all of them contain the bacteria, therefore ensure you go through the ingredients before purchasing one.
  •    Kombucha- It is a fermented green tea which used bacteria and yeast for its fermentation. Besides aiding in weight loss, it also has other health benefits.
  •    Pickles- They are cucumbers that are left in a solution ( vinegar, salty water)for some time to ferment. They have high levels of vitamin K and have low levels of calories. However, those fermented in vinegar do not have the probiotic components.

Other foods include traditional buttermilk, miso, kefir, kimchi, tempeh, natto, and sauerkraut.

What to consider before buying Probiotics

  1.    Budget

Having a wide range of foods that contain probiotics as well as supplements gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety. You do not have to go out of your way to incorporate probiotics into your diet. Find that which is within your budget and performs the same function.

  1.    Quality

Before purchasing the probiotic foods ensure that you confirm the number of microorganisms present. Usually, they are measured in colony forming units (CFU’S) which are mostly labeled on the containers.

  1.    Storage

Fermented foods need ultimate preservation. Store the foods in either glass jars or ceramic containers then chill them. The live bacteria can remain active and survive for longer durations when under cold temperatures.


Take the probiotics on a full stomach as the acid levels are lower. This will give helpful bacteria enough time to act on your gut and produce positive effects. Remember, a healthy gut equals better body function.


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